Chapter 1

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It was a normal day in adventure bay the pups were outside playing a game of tug o war

Ryder got a call from captain turbot so he answered it

Ryder: Ryder here

Captain turbot: help Francois and I are trapped at the bottom of the bay in my diving bell

Captain turbot: the sea slug is snoozing away on top of the diving bell

Ryder: don't worry captain were on it no job is too big no pup is too small

Ryder: paw patrol to the lookout

Pups: Ryder needs us

Marshall: wait for me ( trips over banana peel )

Marshall: sorry everyone hehe

Pups: ( groan )

Chase: paw patrol ready for action Ryder sir

Ryder: sorry to cut your game short but captain turbot and Francois are in trouble

Pups: ( gasp )

Ryder: for this mission I need Zuma I need you to use your hovercraft to get the turbot a out of there

Zuma: let's dive in

Ryder: alright paw patrol is on a roll

After the mission ends

The pups continue playing until Ryder calls them and tells them it's time for bed

Skye was in her pups house she wore a black hoodie and sang a song before she went to bed ( song at the top )

Sorry the chapter is short this is my first story ever hope you like the chapter of my first book  bye!!

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