New years eve 1995 ... Crossing the line

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Let me rewind back to the 20th of November, the day I finally started the first of many jobs. It was in a hair salon, I was the dogs body, making teas and sweeping floors. I had no intention of becoming a hairdresser, I only got the job because the manager happened to be my mums best mate.

There was this trainee girl there, same age as me. She'd been there three months already by the time I started and the other girls, the more established one's, were gossiping about her out the back when I'd nipped out for a cigarette. Well I overheard one of them say she was a lesbian. Me being me, I wanted to know for sure, not just take the word of some back stabbing b*tch that no doubt would move on to me the second I disappeared out of ear shot.

I couldn't stop looking at her when I returned inside the salon. I was intrigued I guess. She was real pretty, nice blue eyes, a cute, slightly turned up nose and seriously inviting plump full lips that were stained a deep red colour, matching the current colour of her hair.

I hadn't yet spoken to her at that point so I made my way over to her and asked if she'd like a coffee or tea. She wasn't busy or anything, literally just twiddling her thumbs like me until the next client comes in that requires a hair wash, or in my case, requires that wet hair to be swept from under their feet. Anyway she accepted my offer and actually followed me in to the back room, politely making small talk whilst I made it.

She was sweet, real shy in character, total opposite of me. I still wasn't getting any vibes that she was into women though, so I made a bold move. Deliberately spilling the contents of my cup right down the black t-shirt I was wearing, I immediately whipped it off, knowing full well the bra I was wearing was completely see thru.

"Oh fu*k, sorry." I apologised, faking my embarrassment as I clocked her reaction to my exposure.

"It's ok it's fine, are you ok?" She asked. She did seem genuinely concerned but there was some definite eye dropping going on. "Was that really hot?" She questioned, her gaze lowering to my t*ts once more.

"Yeah." I replied. Although you wouldn't of thought it judging by how erect my nipples had got.

"Here." She said. Offering me a white cotton towel she'd pulled from a clothes horse. "There's another T-shirt on here, do you want that?" She added as I took the towel from her hand.

I nodded my head. "You couldn't unhook me could you?" I requested, Turning my back to her.

The feel of her hands on my bare skin made me feel a little funny inside, I should have known then that my inner sl*t was re-surfacing. I'd never even fantasised about girls before, so it didn't even cross my mind that she was a danger to my existing relationship.

"All done." Her voice wobbled a little from behind me.

I got the feeling she was worried that I was going to do exactly what I did do. I turned around, the towel dangling from my hand and my bra straps sliding down my arms. My 34 double D mounds of flesh practically in her face. The look she gave was one of shock and delight. The girl definitely had an interest in them.

"You're just the right height." I remarked jokingly.

She stepped back making an awkward giggling noise.

"So do you have a boyfriend?" I questioned with immense interest.

"No." She shook her head to double confirm.

"But you like them yeah?" I added curiously.


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