~ Chapter 31 ~ Scrapes

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My mom cleaned my dad up in the bathroom because he also punched Adrian. My parents let Emilio take me upstairs and help clean me up in the other bathroom. It was hard getting up there because my legs were hurting so bad. Emilio helped me.
We finally made it and I closed the toilet seat and sat down. "Really? Your to short" he says, I giggled. He picked me up and put me on the counter. "That's better" he says, taking out the spray. "Omg no that's gonna sting" I say, pushing it away. "We have to put it on or you'll get an infection" he says, looking into my eyes. "Fine... okay hurry" he puts the spray on and everything and wraps me up in bandages, carefully. He was so gentle. I love how he is with me.
I still cant believe our night got ruined because of Adrian. It was going so good too. I'm just glad Emilio and my dad didn't get hurt badly.
"You ok?" Emilio asks, putting the things away. "Yes, as long as your with me" he looked up and smiled. We stared into each others eyes. I smiled and ran my hands through his hair. "Your cute when your hairs messy" I say, giggling. "Really" He says, rolling his eyes, playfully. I leaned in and he did the same. Every time I kiss him, I still feel sparks. Like when we first kissed. I love the feeling. He was so gentle. He picked me up and took my off the counter, not breaking it. I had my arms around his neck. He put me down and we pulled apart. "Cmon, your parents are waiting" He says, taking my hand and walking out the door. I smiled and said "okay"
He helped me downstairs again. My legs were sore. I had not cuts or anything because I was wearing pants. We walked into the kitchen where my parents were. "She's all better now" Emilio says, smiling. I smiled and said "Yup" And giggled. My parents both smiled. My dad then asked Emilio if he could talk to him outside in the back yard.

Emilio's POV
Skylers dad asked to talk with me outside. I nodded yes. I turned around and kissed Skyler on the cheek. She smiled. "Aww" her mom says. Skyler and her mom both started giggling. I followed Jasper to the back yard. Once I was outside I closed the sliding door. "I hope your not mad at me for the way I acted around Adrian. I just get so mad when he says Skylers his and says a lot of stu_" he turned around and cut me off. "I'm actually glad that you did that. Seeing you would do anything to protect Skyler. Thank you Emilio" he says, coming to hug me. I hugged back and we both back up. "Thank you for letting me be with your daughter" I say, smiling. He smiled and said "As long as you take care of her and treat her right, you can still be with her" I smiled and we walked back inside.

Your POV
     The boys walked back inside and came over to us. We were in the kitchen. Talking about what the hell just happened. "Everything ok?" I ask Emilio, as he sat beside me. "Yup" he says, smiling. I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder.
8:24 pm
"Are you tired?" He asks. "Yeah" I say, yawning. "Go to bed, I have to go anyways before Ivan texts me and bugs me" he says.  I picked my head off his shoulder. "Uggh I don't want you to leave" I say, hugging his arm. He laughed. "You can sleep over at my place, if it's ok with your parents" he says, looking at me and then my parents. I looked back at them, smiling. "Can I?" I ask, hoping they will say yes. My dad looked at my mom. "Yes, you can. But text me tomorrow morning" My mom says, smiling. "Okay" I say, hopping off the stool and going upstairs to get my stuff.
      I came back downstairs with my bag. Emilio was waiting for me on the couch, sitting near my parents, talking and laughing. My legs were hurting because of the stairs. Uggh.
    We walked to the front door. "Maybe we can do a redo dinner" My mom says, Smiling. "Yes I think we should" Emilio says, opening the door. We all laughed. "Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Adams for tonight" Emilio added, hugging my mom and shaking my dads hand. I smiled. Once Emilio backed up and kissed my mom on the cheek and I kissed my dads cheek, saying goodbye. "I'll text you tomorrow morning" I say. Walking out. Emilio was behind me.
     We got into the car and Emilio started it. "I'm sorry about tonight. It was going so well but got ruined by you know who" I say, looking down. He picked my chin up with his index finger. Making me face him. "Don't say sorry. You didn't know that he was coming. Don't blame it on yourself. I'm the one who should say sorry for almost beating his ass again" he says. "You already said sorry, so stop saying it. It's not your fault. I love how you protect me Emilio Martinez" I say. He smiled and we both leaned in and kissed. We pulled apart and I smiled.   
       He started to drive off the drive way. We listened to music and he was singing to it, making me laugh like crazy. Ahhh this boy drives me crazy sometimes.
    We arrived at his house and he helped me get out of the car, Because my arms and legs were starting to hurt again. We walked into his house and into the living room. Ivan came downstairs. When he saw me his eyes popped out. Walking faster to us. "What happened sister?!" He yelled, coming closer. "Adrian. That's what happened" I say, sitting down. He looked at my arms. He looked mad. "What did he do?!" He said, looking at Emilio. "He said a bunch of crap and I was gonna go after him, but Skylers dad got a hold of me and when Skyler was coming towards us, Adrian grabbed her hard. Skylers dad let me go and we ran towards them. He pushed Skyler onto the floor. He hurt Skyler!" Emilio yelled. Getting angry again. I grabbed his hand and sat him down with me, calming him down. "It's ok, look I'm ok. It's just a couple scrapes on my arms" I say. Ivan looked at them. "I'm gonna kill him" Ivan says, getting pissed. "Not if I kill him first" Emilio says. I laughed. "You both can kill him" I say. We all laughed and talked more about what happened and how tonight went.
     But what they don't know is that I actually have a bruise on my stomach near my hip. I didn't tell Emilio because he would freak out. It hurts like hell.
     Emilio went upstairs to go shower. Ivan and I stayed downstairs, watching tv and talking. Ruben was visiting with his family. Anyways Ivan got up to go get water and I threw a pillow at him, messing around. He came back and grabbed a pillow and threw it at my stomach. Not hard, but I winced in pain. I moved the pillow and held my stomach. "Skyler, what wrong?" Ivan asks, coming closer. "Nothing" I say, taking my hand off of my stomach. "Skyler, tell me" Ivan says, sitting down next to me. "Nothing, Im ok. Cmon let's go get a snack or something" I say, getting up. I don't know how, but when I got up my shirt lifted up a little bit, right to where the bruise was. * oh great * I pulled the shirt back down quickly.

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