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The good and evil have always been at fight, in all possible forms. In all this chaos, it is difficult to fight for good without exposing oneself to danger. It doesn't always end up in a way one expects it to. Good things do happen, but there is always struggle to get the good ending in real life.

What will happen to those who decided to side with the good side? Will they be able to stop the crimes? Will they be able to leave no stone unturned?


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I do not own any of the characters in the story, and only their personality and traits are thought out by me here. This story is a work of fiction, and the events are not related to the real life of the artists. The plot of the story is from my imagination. Any similarity found will be out of pure coincidence. Please refrain from plagiarism, and do not reproduce or distribute any part of the story without the consent. Plagiarism in any form will be the violation of the copyright.


I've actually watched a lot of K-dramas on mystery and crime, as mystery is one of my favorite genres. The K-dramas that were the inspiration for the plot are Criminal Minds (Korean Version), Signal, Missing Noir M, and not to forget While You Were Sleeping! I also like to read a lot, and did some research on the topic, before coming up with this idea. Don't worry, this idea is not copying them, but I might not have come up with an idea if I lacked the inspiration that I've got from them :) These dramas are also not 'too dark' (except for some part from Criminal Minds) in case you want to watch, and I would totally recommend them! While You Were Sleeping is a light drama with a perfect mix of everything, and lots of humor! It will be a great starting drama if anyone would like :) One more thing that I like is that the characters are not 'perfect', but they make the best of everything they have :)


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