(18) Big Brother

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~Sibling Scenario~

"Hiwo!" The 6 year old girl squealed as she saw her big brother.

"Hey, (Nickname)." He smiled at her.

They weren't related truthfully.

She was the adopted kid of the only Cassandra Hamada.

When she was a baby, she was discovered in a box.


The rain was pouring hard.

Cass sighed as she pulled the chairs up.

She was now closing the cafe.

It was hard for her since with her 9 year old nephew had a sugar rush and was hard to put to bed.

The 13 year old Tadashi was already tired from the day of school.

Suddenly she heard a cry.

A baby's cry.

She looked around.

Confused, she got out of the back door of the cafe.

She looks around the large green trash bins, the sound of the rain hitting the metals mixing with the cries.

She continues to look around, hearing as the cries were getting louder.

The cries were coming from behind a large green trash bin.

She squatted down and peered behind the green trash bin to see an old carton box with some white fabrics inside it.

She saw something move and her eyes widened.

She extended her hands and grabbed the box, quickly running inside the cafe.

Once she was inside, she closed the door behind her using her foot and walked up the stairs into the living room.

She sat down on the small sofa, putting the box in her lap and peeking through the white blanket.

Her eyes widened more as she saw a 9 month old baby with shiny (H/c) hair.

She smiled softly at the child as it opened it eyes.

"Mama.." The baby mumbled.

She smiled wider at the baby.

"Alright. I'll keep you.." She whispered.

"Hm.." She wondered.

"What to name her. . ?" She muttered.

She suddenly got an idea and looked down at the baby who was looking at her eyes.

"(Y/n).. Hamada.."

The baby continued to stare at Cass in wonder, seeing as her emerald green eyes shined with happiness.

"You are one with the family, (Y/n).."

In response, the baby laughed in delight.

Flashback End~

"Let's eat some guwwy bears!" She grinned at the raven haired boy.

Hiro scooped her up and rubbed his nose against the child as she squealed. "Sure."

"Thank you bwig bwother!" She smiled toothily at him, showing her faint tooth gap.

"That's right. I'm your big brother." He kissed the girl's forehead as he carried her up the stairs, ready to share some memories.

"Hiwo?" The child asked, sitting on Hiro's bed as she chews on a red gummy bear.

Hiro hummed and turned to her, smiling.

"Where's ‘Dashi?"

Hiro's face fell.

"He hasn't come back since both of you and Momma Cass left for your... Micwobots?" The girl continued, titling her head to the side confusedly as she saw her big brother blinking away tears.

"Um.." Hiro coughed, opening his mouth to speak, but the lump that was growing in his throat forbid him to.

The little girl eyed Hiro worriedly as he stared at the floor with his mouth open, she waited for words to come out.

But there was none.

Hiro looked at the girl as she still eyed him worriedly.

Hiro shook his head and closed his mouth.

"She's still too young to know about death." He thought.

"But she's bound to know soon, when she's ready.."

"But now's not the time.."

Hiro smiled at the confused girl sadly.

"He's. . . . still at school.." Hiro lied as he felt his heart tighten in pain.

"Oh!" The girl smiled as she face palmed with her tiny hand. She giggled.

"How silly of me! I forgot that school is mean to him!" She squeaked in her cute baby voice as she laughed.

"But after school I know he will come back!" She grinned.

Hiro cracked a small forced smile.


"I'm sure he'll come back.."







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April 20, 2018


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