c. seven

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Closing my bedroom door behind me, I walked past Veronica's room while texting Sweet Pea on my phone. "Lia" my mother stopped me as she exited Veronica's room.

Lifting my head to look at her, I slipped my phone in the back pocket of my blue jeans. As she walked over to me, mom had a warning and unpleased look on her face. I know that she is going to start ranting about me being arrested yesterday, and how her and dad had to pay for my bail.

Walking with me, my mother didn't say anything as she guided me to my fathers study. Me and Veronica weren't allowed in his study because it was 'private', or more so where he did dirty sh*t.

Opening the doors there was my father waiting for us in his chair, behind his polished desk. Looking at the painting hung above his desk, I rolled my eyes at the photo.

It was of my perfect sister, modelling for your nightmares that would occur from the photo. It use to be of us both, but of course now it's changed. My face was probably in the fire pit, burning right now.

My mother closed the doors then stood beside him, one arm on his shoulder. My father's face was fuming in anger as he watched me walked over to his table, throwing myself lazily on a seat.

"Amelia Rose Lodge." He only said my full name in vain when I had done something unforgivable. Which was a lot.

Huffing at him, I turned my head to look at the pile of books on his desk. They were business and economic books, two things I couldn't careless about. Picking one up for the sake of it, I flicked through it while my father said something about me a disappointment, but I had heard the speech so many times I didn't bother paying attention.

As I skimmed through the pages, my eyes scanned over the black and white pages filled with tiny words and graphs. With my attention fixated on the book, I jumped in my seat when my father slammed his fist on the desk to grab my attention. Looking up at him in shock, I put the book on the table in front of me.

"I don't know how many times your mother, your sister, her friends and myself must tell you Amelia for it get through that head of yours. But if I hear or see that you are still causing trouble with those southsid-" he warned but I cut him off before he could continue.

"What? What will you do? Put out a restraining order against them? Lock me in my bedroom and concrete the windows? I would like to see you try separate me from my friends, the only ones who've been there for me through all the sh*t. You can do anything in your power to stop me from seeing them, but in the end we will win."

With that being said I stood from the table. Giving both parents a final look, I went to turn around and leave when the doors to my fathers study swung open. Standing there was Fangs and Sweet Pea with three other young serpents beside them. Veronica came rushing in with a frantic look. "Daddy, I tried to stop them." She said with a pleading tone, hoping our father would agree with her. And of course he did.

Turning back to my parents with a smirk, they both had shocked and frightened looks. "That's my cue to leave. Thank you for another useless lesson." Walking over to my friends, I wrapped my arms around Sweet Pea's waist and followed them outside.


Throwing my black backpack over my shoulder I headed in the direction of the detention room. With my head in my phone, I texted back to my friends.

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