Chapter Thirty

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I hated this new house. I hated my room, I hated the view, I hated the city, I hated my school, I hated everything.

After my first day at the school, I was already being teased for dating Demi. Everyone know about it, too. Even my teachers.

Our house was right across the street from the school. It was small, ugly, and brown. My room was so much smaller, and it was completely empty. Even the walls were white.

"Hey, how was your first day?" Dad asked, as soon as I opened the door.

I threw my bag down on the ground and took off upstairs, phone in my hand.

"How was it?" He repeated.

"It was wonderful," I shouted, sarcastically.

I slammed the door behind me, shaking the entire house.

I immediately called Demi's facetime, hoping she was out of school by now.

"Hey babe!" Demi said.

"Hi Dems."

"What's wrong? How was your first day?"

"Terrible. Demi I hate this school, I hate everything about this city. I want to be back at home, with you."

"I know. But hey, there's only 2 weeks of school left. And well," Demi paused, smirking. "I was wondering if you would come to LA for the summer?"


"Yeah, I'm gonna be recording my album most of the time, but you can stay at my house."

"Oh my god! Yay!" 

I paused, my smile fading.

"My parents would never let me."

Demi smiled.

"You know what they did to you. Moving you away and all. I don't think it'd be so bad if you just packed your bags and left for the summer."


I decided on that.

I wasn't going to mention anything to them. And then, on the first day of summer, I'd leave a note, take a taxi to the airport, and meet Demi in LA. 

Seemed simple enough.

The next day, I was strolling through the hallway, my phone in my hand.

'Have fun in English, I'll call you later. xx'

I sent the text to Demi.


As I kept walking, I realized someone had said hey. To me?

I turned around, seeing a muscular, tanned guy. He had short hair that was gelled up, tight black jeans, and a plan grey t shirt.

"Hey," I said back, my hands becoming sweaty.

"Haven't seen you around before." He made his way over to me, hands in his pockets. "I'm Keaton."

"I'm Ally," I replied.

Something about him was intriguing. He was really, really hot. But at the same time, really, really cute. He seemed like he was one of the popular guys. Why was he talking to me?

"Did you just move here?" He asked me.

I nodded, attempting a smile.

He made me extremely nervous.

"Cool. You're pretty cute," He winked.

"Thanks," I laughed.

"What class do you have first?"


"Could I walk you there?" He smiled.

I nodded, following him. 

A message appeared on my screen.

'You too. Call me as soon as you get home!! love you(: xo' -Demi

Guilt hit me like a gun shot.


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