Movie day

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*Layla's POV*
It's official. Life actually sucks. I look all around at my friends (jack isn't there) and they are all watching the movie Toy Story, because why not. They decided we should watch Disney's movies but nothing that involves love or anything like it. I look at Daniel and he looks at me smiling "what" he asked "nothing I was just thinking" I said back smiling. "About what" he said quietly so no one would hear. "About today" I answered looking at my hands. "I know it sucks but let's forget about this." He says back and lifts my head up. "Okay, but why on our one year did he decide to do this" I said looking into his eyes. "I don't know why. He's stupid and he just lost a good girl" he replied. "I'm glad we went out today to go shop. At least we found out and I didn't find out until later on into the relationship." I sighed "me too layla. Me too" he sighed. We look back at the movie and watch the rest of it, by the end everyone is cuddling and asleep even me and Daniel.

"What the hell is going on!?" I hear someone yelling. I stayed asleep but Daniel woke up. "What's your problem bro" he asked. I guess Jack was home. "Why are you cuddling my girlfriend!?" Jack yelled. This time someone else stepped in "I don't think she's your girlfriend anymore dude!" I heard Corbyn yell. Thank god for Corbyn. "Why not!?" Jack yelled back. I couldn't go back to sleep with this. "Because of Taylor that's why. You fucking cheater!"I yelled in his face. "What the hell are you talking about" he yelled back. I grabbed his arm and drug him outside so everyone else can sleep. I sigh before starting my rant. "Well since you decided to ignore me I came over to the boys house to hang out. When I got here Daniel said you was going out but wouldn't tell them where so we decided to try to figure out where you went. Daniel took me to the mall so I could get my mind off of it while the others did different things. Daniel was getting food while I was finding a table. When I found a seat I saw you and some girl walking. So when Daniel came back I asked him for his hat and glasses and I went beside the plant and listened and no I'm not going to lie about that. I heard you saying that I wouldn't find out about you and her and some other shit. I went back and Daniel asked what was wrong. We went home and watched movie with the others and everyone fell asleep cuddling. And that's when you came in" I ranted. "We aren't together." Jack said back. "You're right. We aren't. Goodbye Jack." I walked down the road leaving him standing there. I ran as far as I could, I ended up in a park close to Starbucks. I went to grab some Starbucks and then sat down a bench at the park. I looked around at all of the loving couples, families, and even old couples. I put my head in my hands and just stayed like that while listening to music. "I finally found you" I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up and saw Daniel smiling at me. "I just wanted to be alone for a while so I ran." I smiled back at him while sliding over so he can sit down.

We stayed there a while just talking about random shit. We literally stayed out 3 hours just talking and sitting. We were getting a shit ton of messages from all the guys. We walked home and as soon as we walked through the door we were bombarded with hugs. Corbyn pulled me aside so no one would hear us "what happened" he asked quietly "I told jack what went down yesterday and then I broke up with him. Then I ran to the park." I said back quietly. "Jack is in his room. He hasn't left for hours." He said. "And I should care why? He was cheating on me Corbyn. Not only that he was with the girl on the day of our one year!" I yelled quietly. "Sorry. Let's go watch some more movies. Are you staying tonight" he asked "I don't know. Where would I sleep. Because I know Jonah and Bri will be together. Zach and Ariel will be. You and Christina will be together and I am NOT sleeping with jack." I said before we walked in the room. "Sleep with Daniel" he said in a matter of fact tone. "He literally sleeps in the same room as Jack. Are you that stupid. I'll just watch movies then ask Logan to sleep over at his house." I said back. "Okay okay." He said.

We watched movies for hours until it was time to go to bed. I texted Logan and asked if I could stay tonight but he wasn't home. I'll just sleep on the couch the boys won't mind. Everyone went to bed and didn't notice I was still there. I go get and blanket then went back to the couch and watched some Netflix on my phone. I watched a couple of episodes of the Flash before I put my phone down and went to sleep. This was a very eventful day and everything just kept replaying it in my mind. It hurt knowing he cheated on me, but me being me of course I still love him, he isn't going to know that though. I'm sure Daniel knows but he's not going to tell anyone. I really thought Jack would be the one I got married to, or had a family with. Was I wrong the whole time? Will me and Jack ever work out? Will we get back together? All these questions keeps running thought my head but I finally shut them out and went to sleep.

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