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(Don't forget I skipped some months)

*Layla's POV*
Life's crazy. I met the love of my life over text messages, now it's been 1 year since we've been dating. Like I said life is crazy. I've got amazing friends, an amazing boyfriend, and an amazing life. I even have my own fans now. I'm not so sure jack remembered our one year, he's been so busy with the band so I don't bother him about it. I finally sigh and get out of bed. I get in the shower before I let my thoughts consume me again. I play my music really loud to drown out any thought in my body. My favorite song came on and I screamed out the lyrics " I drove by all the places" yes, my favorite song was amnesia by 5sos and no, I'm not ashamed of it. I laugh quietly to myself while still singing and finish my business.

I hoped out of the shower and put the towel around my body. I headed over to my closet and looked for an outfit for the day.

 I headed over to my closet and looked for an outfit for the day

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I smile to myself knowing I picked a nice looking outfit. I put my hair up in a messy ponytail and did a light makeup.

I put on concealer, mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss and head out of my bedroom and to the kitchen

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I put on concealer, mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss and head out of my bedroom and to the kitchen. I get to the fridge before I notice my two best friends sitting there staring at me. "Do you have a problem girls?" I say while fixing me some food. Briella just stared at me wide eyed but Ariel spoke up "you look hot!" "It's really nothing. I just hope jack remembers today" I say sighing while eating. "I could ask Zach?" Ariel asks me. "Could you?" I ask back politely. "Of course I can." Ariel smiles.

"He said he doesn't think jack remembers but he said jack is doing something tonight." She said smiling at me. "Well I'm not doing anything tonight so I wonder what it could be." I say back confused. I text Jack really quick before turning on Netflix for us.

To Jack💕- what are you doing tonight?
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Okay what the hell?
To Jack💕- are you not going to reply?
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I just lock my phone before sighing and watching the Flash. I get a message notification and thinking it's jack I picked it up
From Corbitch-
Zach told me that jack forgot so do you want to hang out with us tonight? Christina will be there.
To Corbitch-
I'll be there in 20. Got nothing better to do.
From Corbitch-
Sounds great
I mean I gotta have something to do. I just wonder why he's ignoring me. Is there another girl? Ugh whatever. I tell the girls where I'm going and they end up coming with me, I drive to get Taco Bell then head to the boys house.

"Honey I'm homeeee!" I yell while putting the food in the kitchen. I hear feet running downstairs and Daniel came in "thank you" he yelled in my ear before grabbing the tacos and sitting at the table, I grab mine and sit beside him. A few minutes later I hear more running and everyone except Jack was getting tacos and sitting in a chair. I sigh and get up to throw my trash away. Everyone seems to be in a conversation so I walk outside and by the pool, I stick my feet in and I felt someone sit beside me. I don't even look who it is I just put my head on their shoulder and cry. I felt the person hug me tightly. I calm down and look up to see Daniel "you really didn't have to be here Dani, I'm alright" I smile sadly at him "jack is a jerk to be doing something without you." Daniel sighed. "Did he tell you something?" I asked quietly. It took a minute to get a reply. "He just said he was going out tonight and we asked if he was taking you somewhere and he just said no and walked out" he sighed once again. So was there another girl. "Is he with another girl?" I asked looking down "honestly, I don't know. We could find out?" He said lifting my head up. "Let's make a plan" I smirked while grabbing his hand and getting up.

We walked into the kitchen and everyone looked at us "we need a plan" Daniel said to everyone, who immediately became more involved in the conversation "we need to know if Jack is with another girl" I said looking at everyone. "What are we gonna do" Zach said with his arms around Ariel. "Zach, you and Ariel will snoop in his room to see if he said anything somewhere." Daniel started. "Corbitch and Christina, you guys will grab as many black clothes as you can. We need to look like 'robbers'" I said while laughing. "Jonah and Bri, you will look in town to see if you can find Jack." Daniel said and gave Jonah the keys. They ran out and left. "Me and Daniel will try to get Jack to answer our texts and calls. Saying it's important" I finished. "BREAK OUT" Daniel yelled like an fbi person. I just laughed at him while everyone ran out of the room. "What are we gonna do now Daniella" I asked while laughing. "We are gonna go take your mind off of this" he smiled back, ignoring me calling him Daniella. He grabbed my hand and we got in my car. First, he drove to the mall. We went shopping but most of all we ran around and almost got kicked out of every store, we actually got kicked out of one.

We reach the food court "I want pizza!!" I yelled in Daniels ear. He just laughed and went to get it while I got us a table. While he was doing that I see two people walking, one looks oddly familiar. "Hey I'm back" Daniel said. I look at him and look back at the people. Now they are sitting behind a plant at a table. "Quick give me your glasses and hat" I said to Daniel. He was very confused but did it anyway. I put them on and sat beside the plant where they couldn't see me. " I can promise you she won't know about this" Jack's voice said "are you sure jacky" some girl said "I can promise you that Taylor." Jack said back. As soon as he said that my hand went straight to my mouth. I got up and ran to the table and sat down. It was a few minutes before Daniel said something. "What happened over there?" He whispered. "Jack and some girl named Taylor" I whispered back not wanting to talk or eat. "Who is Taylor" he asked "I don't know dani, but he said I wouldn't find out about this and he promises that" I said looking down. He put his finger under my chin and lifted my head up. "We won't let him do anything to you. Do you want to leave?" He asked quietly. I didn't say anything I just nodded my head. We both grabbed out very few bags. He grabbed my free hand and we started walking. When we got to the car he let it go. We both got in and out our bags in the back. "I can't believe he would do this to me dani." I said with a sad voice. "Don't worry about it layla. We are going to go home and just watch movies all day is that okay?" He asked. "That's perfect. We need to tell everyone what happened." I said. He didn't say anything he just nodded as we pulled up at their house. he called everyone down here and looked at me basically asking if I wanted to tell them. I nodded and told the story. "I saw a familiar face, so I told Daniel to give me his glasses and hat. I went and sat beside the plant so they couldn't see me and he said and I quote I can promise you she won't find out and the girl said are you sure that's when he said yeah I'm sure Taylor. So I told Daniel and we got our shit and left." I looked down at the floor the whole time I spoke but when I looked up everyone was pissed.

To be continued...

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