|| Chapter Ten || Final ||

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Souda had rushed out of the house in the pouring rain, at around 4am. Gundham had texted him the simple words: I love you. Goodbye.

Gundham had been acting extremely strange for the past week, refusing to see Souda, barely interacting with him at all. He was on his way to the bridge now, deep blue flashing lights shining in the dark sky, the heavy rain soaking everything it could touch, the blaring sounds of sirens ringing, luminescent yellow tape with the words "DO NO ENTER" Plastered across.

The boy quickly arrived, his bubblegum pink hair sticking to his forehead with a mix of sweat and rain. He was confused. Gundham Tanaka.. his Gundham Tanaka would never do anything as treacherous as this.

The reality had soon began to set in. All of the police tape, borders, everything separating him from the bottom of the bridge was because of Tanaka. By goodbye he meant he was going to off himself.  The poor bubble-gum haired ten couldn't believe it.. He thought Tanaka was going to get better? He thought Tanaka WAS getting better. 

As the dreaded words left the police officers mouth, Kazuichi's heart shattered. "we have identified the young man's body. His name is Gundham Tanaka, 17." just at that moment, it was as if Souda's head had been submerged underwater, and a hammer had been smashed into his chest. He couldn't breathe, he felt his heart literally burst. His entire world had just been ripped away from him, his one source of happiness. The love of his life was gone.

His eyes filled with tears, a large, choked sobbed leaving his pale, chapped lips as he looked over the side of the bridge, his hair sticking to his face from a mix of rain, sweat and tears.  As distraught as he felt, he also felt a strong sense of anger. He was irate. Not just at Gundham, but at himself. He could've helped him get better. He could've helped his boyfriend be safe and happy again. It was his fault. He wasn't there when gundham needed him the most, he wasn't there when he was at breaking point. rock bottom. he wasn't there, and it broke him. 

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