02 : mosquito

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i collapsed onto the bus seat with a defeating sigh, finding myself in the same place as i usually was — heading home after a long day.

earphones in, eyes closed, i let my thoughts wander.

the bus hummed beneath my touch, an unconscious rumble that i've gotten used to. it somewhat relaxed me, almost lulled me to sleep, but busy thoughts roamed through my mind instead.

the realisation of how serious everything's gotten was weighing me down — and i couldn't help but be primarily at fault.

i knew that i was lucky to be a student in pyeong-nam high, even though it was pretty much a private school full of rich and problematic punks. but no matter that — pyeong-nam offered art and tech scholarships to ordinary kids like me, it was a charity excuse for them; but a future for us.

if i successfully graduate pyeong-nam in two years time, their reference could get me into a prestigious university of any sort, no matter my grades or subject orientation. which would literally save me.

and i know lately i've been slacking off, using my dad as an excuse to ditch the work— but it's been over a month, and the teachers are getting tired of it.

in reality, i was getting tired of it too.

my fingers were suddenly itching for a canvas, for a pencil in hand — but instead, i found myself playing distractfully with the hem of my jacket to relieve the stress.

i was sitting alone like i usually did on the way back from school. it was rare to encounter lee in the evenings, unlike every morning when i was sure to find him drooping next to me.

i probably sound like a stalker whenever the topic lands on the mysterious stranger, and it's why i've never told my friends about him.

besides, it's not like there was much to tell anyways. i don't even know the guy. we just sit beside each other on the bus.

none of it mattered anyways.

suddenly, my daze was interrupted by a notification erupting from my phone. my eyebrows furrowed in confusion as i stared at the screen, my eyes tracing the emphasised words in a stupor.

dark-binnie added you to a group chat ❛changbinnie's extra marks tutor group❜ !

i couldn't help but smile then, happy to see that changbin kept to his word and was willing to lend me a hand. and so with that, i slid my phone open and found myself in the middle of a bustling commotion. 

you have entered the chatroom, say hi!

i wasn't even that late smh

define late

oh new person! hi!

lol hi

guys this is jisung

he'll be joining our humble study group from now on

hi jisung! i'm felix :)

hold on  

oh felix!

your user makes sense now haha :")

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