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Chapter Twenty Six

"Guys, are you ready to leave?" Rye asked entering andy and mikey's shared hotel room. Jack was stood at the doorway, Brooklyn and Soph where stood in the corridor, along with Arabella and Sian. All waiting on Mikey and Andy to be finished packing so they could drive to the next city.

After Mikey and Andy had finished, the group piled into the tour van heading to the next city.

"There's gonna be fans standing outside, walk past them straight into the venue, got it" Blair said looking at them all, especially Arabella and Sian.

Both girls nodded in return.



Girls surrounded the boys, screaming their names hoping they'd stop and take pictures.

Brooklyn held onto Soph tight, ever since finding out she was pregnant he hadn't left her side. He was constantly asking if she was okay, making sure she had everything she needed.

The boys smiled, walking past everyone straight into the venue.

"Brooklyn, you have to stop making it so obvious" Rye whispered to Brook.

Brook gave him a side eye. He hated that him and Soph had to be a secret. But if it was the only way they could be together, it was worth it

After settling down, they all sat backstage chatting away.

"Eh guys" Arabella muttered catching everyone's attention.

"You might wanna see this" She said handing her phone to Brooklyn.

"How is that their first thought?" He said in shock, as the phone got passed around the room.

"It's false so it's fine, nothing to worry about" Blair smiled.

"Y-yeah" Brooklyn stuttered.

How he wished that was true.

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