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(Picture above is Jacks Brother)


  What the hell is that pushing my face? I wake up to a sleeping angel with her knees digging into my sides and her arms pushing my face. I decide to let her sleep in a little while I get ready for the day ahead.

With the water steaming hot I put my head underneath the shower head and just stay there, letting my tense body relax. I can't stop myself from slipping into a deep thought.

Adrian doesn't even like me. In fact she hates me. She cries herself to sleep at night and I can't even help because she won't let me. She's absolutely miserable in this house. Maybe I should just let her go back to the foster home. I mean I wanna treat her like a queen and spoil her because she's an absolutely amazing girl but she just doesn't like me. I cut off the water and step out the bathroom with a towel rapped around my waist. I look to the bed and Adrianna isn't there. I put on casual clothes and go looking for her.

I hear something coming from the kitchen and I'm furious with what I see. Adrianna standing on the counter trying to reach the candy jar on the top shelf.

"ADRIANNA GET DOWN RIGHT NOW" my voice boomed.

Adrianna took a little stumble back and fell off the counter, hitting the floor hard on her back. She immediately starts crying out in pain.

"Oh my goodness baby are you okay? I didn't mean to scare you. I was just worried you were going to hurt yourself up there."

Adrianna's sobs get quieter as I rub slow circles on her back. She then pushes me away and stands on her feet.

"I don't need your help. Just fuck off and leave me alone."

I don't know what happened but I was just so furious. I picked her up and swung her over my shoulder to carry her to my bedroom.

"I've had enough of your behavior. You know the rules and you also know the punishments, yet you still act out."

I sit on the couch in my room and pull her over my lap.

"Jack let me go. You're the worst." She says kicking her legs.

"Your getting 20 spankings." I say as I pull her panties down her legs in on swift motion. She didn't respond so I gave her a small smack to her butt to get her to respond.

"Fuck you." Is all she said. My blood was boiling.

All I know is that by the last five smacks she was in tears and her butt was a dark shade of red. I pulled up her panties and she quickly got up and wiped her tears. Before I could give aftercare she spoke.

"You yelled at me and you spanked me. I hate you. Take me back to the foster home now." She says looking straight into my eyes.

I didn't know what to say but before I could think of anything she walked out of the room.

I give up. I'm done fighting with her. She doesn't wanna be here so I'll take her back. The thought just pains me because I don't know the reason why she's acting like this even though I've been trying to treat her like a goddess. I don't wanna bring her back but I can't keep her here and unhappy. I feel something hot roll down my face. Am I crying?

(Adrianna POV)

I feel so bad for how I acted and how I've been acting since I got here. I'm a horrible little. I don't even deserve Jack. He's been so nice to me since I've got here. Yeah he spanked me but I deserved it. I was being such a brat and I broke several rules.

Is it all really worth it? Yeah I'm gonna get to be back with my bestfriend but I would miss out on what could've been between me and Jack. He is an amazing daddy and any girl would be lucky to have him. I wish I could have both my bestfriend and Jack but I can't, so have to keep acting like a horrible brat. Lilly means the world to me so I must go back.

I don't really have anything to pack because everything I have Jack as bought for me. I just grab Oreo and head downstairs to wait for him.

I hear footsteps coming down the hall. Jack grabs his car keys and looks at me. His eyes were bloodshot red. Has he been crying?! I force myself to look away because the guilt is eating me up inside.

"Are you ready to go?" He says sounding defeated. All I can do his nod my head.

We head to the door but as soon as Jack opens it someone was already there. Jack was blocking the view with his tall figure so I had to stick my head out from behind him to see who it was. It was another tall man who looked a little like Jack. He was holding a little but I couldn't really get a glimpse of her because she saw sleeping with her face in the crook of his neck. So instead of just standing there, I go to sit down on the couch and wait for Jack to explain what going on.

"Hey Justin. I totally forgot you were coming over." Jack says.

"Good to see you too my dear brother" Justin lightly punches Jack in the arm with a chuckle.

I didn't know Jack had a brother.

"Hey do you have anywhere for me to put her? Poor thing was so tired she fell asleep on the way here." Justin says.

"Yeah you can put her in Adrianna princess room since she won't be needing it for long" he says sadly.

"Umm okay... well I'm gonna go put her to lay down. I'll be back so I can properly meet the girl you won't shut up about." He says while going upstairs.

Well this is gonna be awkwardly long night.


This chapter was a little short but trust me this is only the start of the drama, so get ready for next chapter because it's insane.


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