5.0 Scarlett's Art Of Being Too Stubborn

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The first thing I see the next morning is a text from a boy getting very familiar way too soon

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The first thing I see the next morning is a text from a boy getting very familiar way too soon.

'You awake?'

I can't help but roll my eyes and shift onto my back, shielding my eyes from the light sneaking in through the gap in my thick curtains. Despite trying several times to fall asleep, I know I'm up for good now. Once my sleep gets disturbed, I can't possibly doze off again.

It's a curse.

'Nope.' is the reply I send, not knowing why I'm being playful with him.

'Sleep texting, huh? Is this a superpower I can learn?'

His reply has me smiling and it's only been thirty-five seconds since he entered my head.

'Does it freak you out?' I ask instead of answering his question.

'No, I think it's cool.'

'You think everything about me is cool.'

'What can I say? You're incredible.'

Turning onto my side with my phone cradled between my hands, I smile at the screen like a thirteen-year-old with a first-time crush. The giddiness is as unexpected as Aiden's playfulness is. Thinking back to the first time I met him at the center, I would never have imagined him being such an adorable sweetheart.

'You're being awfully nice to me today. What do you want, stranger?'

There's a brief pause while I bite my lower lip and consider what his response might be. He's quite unpredictable, though, and highly romantic -- as I'm only getting to know -- so I can never be sure with him.

'Maybe a chance to buy you the coffee I promised?'

I roll my eyes again, not knowing how to turn him down. A part of me wants to say yes again, but somehow things don't go the way we plan. When I talked to Mira about it last night, she gave me one of her ominous and frankly disturbing theories. 'If the world doesn't want you two together, you can't do anything about that.' I had ended up rolling my eyes and hanging up without hearing her laugh and give me a quick apology she did not mean.

'Or whatever it is girls find romantic, you know?' he adds.

Typical Aiden. Every time I take a little while to respond, even if it's just a few minutes, he begins to rethink his words. Usually, he ends up sending me quick sorry's or rephrasing his statement or question in some way. It's odd but it's cute. It also makes me wonder why he's so unsure of himself.

Smiling, I type a response.

'I find coffee truly romantic.'

Glancing at the time, I notice it's almost seven in the morning. Though my alarm hasn't rung yet, I know I should get out of bed and ready for the hospital. I might be up this early, though, but I wonder what Aiden's doing up so early. I still have no idea about his work-timings and don't know what his schedule is like. He can be quiet for ten hours straight sometimes and then randomly text me.

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