We instructed the driver to take us home and Sofia took out her phone and began replying back to messages and calls

I took out my phone to do the same but one message stood out to me the most

Camila: Congratulations Y/NN I'm so unbelievably proud of you. You deserve it so much 💕

I smiled whole heartedly and replied to the woman

Me: thank you so much it means a lot coming from you

Camila and I had the mutual agreement to stay friends and still business partners. We still owned the golf place and it was more than popular now since word got out that we both owned it.

Camila said she'd always be in love with me as I with her but we knew that my heart belonged to Sofia. I mean you never really get over your first love

Camila is beyond successful in music she's on her way to becoming as big and legendary as Madonna or Selena.

As of now I heard her and Lauren have tried making a relationship happen but they're still lowkey and closeted so who knows what'll happen. Speaking of, her and the rest of 5H reconciled and squashed the beef. And it made me happy

When we got home I helped Sofia out of the car and thanked our driver.

When we got to the front door we heard people shushing and shuffling around

"How much you want to bet they're trying to surprise us?" Sofia asked

"I don't doubt you one bit" I said

I unlocked the door and swung it open to be attacked with confetti and screams

"Congratulations" my parents, Sofia's parents, sister, and our kids screamed

"Mom's were so happy for you" our oldest child Zayn said. Yes zayn

We once made a bet when we were younger and drunk that whoever had kid first had to name them after the other. So guess who lost that bet

It's okay Zayn was my best friend and I owed a lot to him. He loved my son like his own and he's his godfather

"Thank you baby" Sofia said

"Mommy I told you that you could do it" our middle child Evie said. Sofia loved the name so much she had to name our kid that. She said it was only fair if I named the first one she got to name the second one
Which left us with our last one

"did you guys bring the awards I want to see them" Karla said

Well come on now....
Awkward you would think right

Not so much. Sofia and Camila became amazing close friends and there was no more awkward bad tension anymore. We all grew from that incident and we became a giant family. Camila became the godmother for Karla and it really warmed my heart

The rest of the night was filled with champagne and giggles. This was one of the best nights of my life aside from my wedding day and when my kids were born

It was spent with our family and nothing felt better than that. After a while our parents finally left and we had just put our kids to bed.

It was way past their bedtime. After we tucked in every one of them we walked to our room and I couldn't stop the smile on my face

"Man i don't know how I'm going to fall asleep tonight I'm still so pumped" I said

"Oh trust me you're not going to sleep any time soon" she said while shutting the door

She's sweet like candy but she's such a woman



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