Chapter 34

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Okay listen I'm sorry this is so sudden but it's time to finish this story

Three year time jump

Y/N's POV:

"Thank you to the academy and to everyone who believed in me. And lastly I want to thank my beautiful and loving wife y/n" she said while staring at me from the stage with tears ready to leave her eyes "you've been my biggest supporter since day one and you've always had my back. I love you more than words could say. Once again thank you everyone" she said while holding the Oscar in her hand and then walking away from the stage

A few tears left my eyes as I saw my wife happy and glowing after finally getting the biggest award she could've ever asked for.

I got out of my seat to meet up with her backstage and once I saw her she immediately threw her arms over my shoulders grabbing on to me the tightest she's ever had

"I'm so so proud of you baby" I said in her ear as I held her crying self tightly

"You did it babe" I said as I pulled away to grab her cheeks and wipe her tears away

"Thank you I- i just can't believe it's real" she said

"You deserved it. I always knew you'd win one" i said

I leaned down to connect our lips. It was the sweetest kiss we've shared since our wedding day

I was so into the kiss but got startled when I heard my name announced

"What?" I asked looking around seeing everyone backstage staring at me with shocked and happy expressions

"Y/n you just won best director" our manager came running to us to tell me

"What?" I said shocked and Sofia began to clap and jump up and down

"Baby Baby oh my god you did it" she said while kissing me with a wide smile

I was still stunned but my manager grabbed my arm and dragged me to the stage where I walked feeling numb and surreal

Angelina Jolie handed me my Oscar and I wanted to fucking scream

I nervously shook her hand as she congratulated me and then grabbed the academy award from her hand

I shakily stood in front of the mic holding the award tightly and smiled as everyone clapped and cheered for me

I went along to clear my throat and did my speech. I was shaky and stuttering but finally almost there and I wanted to finish before the music to dismiss me started

"My wife just won best actress and the fact that it was for the same movie I directed which is the one I'm winning is all the more insane. Sofia I love you more each day and thank you for being my biggest supporter and the love of my life" I said

I ended my speech and then got off stage and was once again met with my lovely wife and she crushed me into a hug and gave me a big kiss letting her red lipstick stain my skin

"I'm so proud of you" she said

"I'm proud of us" I replied

She then grabbed my hand and led us to the press room where people ask us questions

When that was done the award show was basically over and Leonardo DiCaprios movie won but I was way more than content with what we had won today

We began to leave the venue and then went into our car

"You don't want to go to an after party to celebrate?" I asked her

"No id rather us celebrate at home with our family" she said with a smile

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