Chapter 28: Be Realistic

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I wanted to dedicate this chapter to MissNinaP. I was surprised by your book review for "Unapologetically Me" and I appreciate you taking the time out to do it. 💖☺️

"Rue!" Joy squealed when we walked inside of my condo. "I didn't know you would be here."

We had just finished parking both cars in the garage and were entering my condo. I didn't know what was wrong, but I could tell that she had been crying. When I asked her about it, she just told me that her marriage was over and that she had finally come to terms with that. I didn't ask her any other questions because I felt that if she wanted me to know more, she would tell me more.

I watched as Rue rolled on to her back while Joy rubbed on her stomach. I allowed them to have their moments while I walked towards the kitchen.

I was wrapping up at the gym when I saw Joy's message and I wasn't sure what was going on, but the fact that she DM'ed me instead of text messaging was a sign for me not to text or call her on her phone. And the fact that it was just an emoji with a cup of coffee, to me translates that she was either at Starbucks or wanted to meet me at Starbucks. Either way, I had to drive by that shopping center anyways, so when I did, I looked into the parking lot and saw her Maxima right away. When I got out of the car, the last thing I expected from her was a public kiss. I had put myself out there to let her know I wanted more and she was now putting herself out there to let me know that she was ready to move forward.

I took the ingredients out of the refrigerator for the seared Mahi Mahi, that I had planned to make for dinner along with the baked sweet potatoes and trimmed green beans.

"Are you hungry?" I called from the kitchen while removing two skillets from the cabinet.

"I don't have an appetite," she said while playing on the couch with Rue. "How long is she staying?"

"Her mom is coming to pick her up in the morning," I said turning the oven on. "She had some business to take care of in Charlotte." I poured the already cubed sweet potatoes in a glass dish and began to season it. I was so busy with what I was doing that I didn't notice how quiet she had gotten. "You know you have to eat," I said hoping to force her to say something. Whatever happened that day, it had her pretty shaken up and I was glad that Claudia had dropped off Rue that morning because she was helping to cheer her up. Joy didn't say anything as she played with the lovable puppy so I stopped trying to force her to talk.

I placed the potatoes in the oven and then began to cook the Mahi Mahi and green beans over the stove. In my peripheral, I could see Joy hugging and rubbing on Rue. Her phone rang several times, but she ignored the calls. I wanted to know what went down because it appeared to be serious.

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