Keisha Anders has had it with photography artist Alejandro Vaga. He's been dodging her and haven't produced anything new for the gallery and his show is several weeks away. Knowing the man as a serial flirt and casanova she decides to stick to him like glue to make sure he does his work in time. With her job and promotion on the line she packs her bag and heads over to his place. Where she's met with a sight that freezes her in her tracks.

Alejandro Vaga goes through women like water but he has a good reason. Aside from the fact he loves women he's looking for the one woman to break his family curse. And you can't break a curse dating one woman at a time. He's in a hurry to find one woman who could love him by his 30th birthday several weeks away. He confides in Keisha and enters a deal. Her help in finding him a woman and he'll finish taking pictures for his show at the gallery. But can he realize in time that the woman for him has been by his side all along?

Tagline: Beastly men are the best.  

Enjoy the theme song above! :-D

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