Chapter 1 - The Letter

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20th of June 2010

Hermione POV:

I woke to strong arms wrapped around me and soft snores coming from my husband. My husband of 10 years, Draco Malfoy. Sometimes I still wonder how it happened but then again, I am internally grateful for him, the day we were both chosen to be Head Prefect's and the day when we called a truce, and from there are relationship blossomed, not even a year out of school we got married.

I slowly tried to get out of his grasp but his hands only held me tighter.

"Going somewhere?" Draco asked groggily waking up from sleep.

"No" I replied.

"Good" he smirked at me. I turned to face him and gave him a kiss on the lips before, breaking away and getting out of bed. I got dressed in blue skinny jeans and a white blouse with nude pumps on my feet, I applied minimal make up and then headed downstairs were both my children were sitting, Scorpius, who is 7 and Faith, who is 4.

"Good morning Mum" they chorused.

"Morning, what would you like for breakfast?" I asked.

"Pancakes" they chorused.

"Okay, one of you go get you father"

"Sure," Scorpius said.

"Thanks," after breakfast we were all sitting around the breakfast table playing monopoly a game we liked to play as a family on the weekend. After the game, I decided to take a stroll in the garden but first I was making my way down the driveway to the mailbox. I retrieved 3 letters one from the press, one for Draco and the last one I had no clue from who it was, my walk completely forgotten I made my way back up the drive to my study. I opened the letter.

Dear Hermione,

We would like to invite you to the yearly family reunion, you have not been able to make it for the past 17 years and we would like for you to join this year, it will be held at The Brave Serpent, in London, please bring you family. It will be held from 25 of June till the 30 of June. Meet outside the hotel around 4. Hope to see you there.

XX, Aunty Mary

Hermione was not pleased at the idea of going to a family reunion in 5 days, but she has run out of excuse for going. She quickly called her aunt.

M: Who's this?

H: Hermione, am I speaking with Mary

M: Oh my God, Hermione, honey it has been to long since I have spoken with you. So, I presume you have gotten the letter.

H: Yes, I would like to tell you that I am coming with my family.

M: Oh good, we will see you there.

H: Yes, you will, bye, see you soon.

M: Yes, bye.

Hermione hung up the phone.

"DRACO" she screamed he was up in her study like a lightning bolt.

"Are you alright, where's the fire"

"Nothing's wrong, well except one thing, here" I gave him the letter. He scanned over it quickly.

"So, do you want to go, with work and everything, and the reunion is being held at one of our hotels"

"Yeah, I have already called my aunt, and yeah it is being held at one of our hotels"

"But didn't you tell me you hated you most of your cousins"

"I do, but I have a brilliant idea to pay them back for all the horrid things they have said to me."

"Okay, but I will not be there till the evening of the 26"

"Oh, okay, we could hold a ball to reveal our identities, as no one knows about our marriage and children except our close friends, and they don't know that I am the owner of HJM fashion, well except our friends of course." HJM fashion is one of the most successful fashions lines in the world with it being in the muggle world and the wizarding world. And as for our hotels just in the UK Draco and I own 7 hotels and 20 more being spread around the world. We both own the hotels they are in both our names but to the public Draco Malfoy owns all of them, and he is also the hottest bachelor in the UK but he is technically not a bachelor any more, he is mine. But the world does not know that.



"Yeah" that woke me up from my trance.

"That sounds like a good idea, how late did we need to be there?"

"4, I have work that day so I can drop the kids off at my parents' house so they can take the kids to the hotel"

"Yeah that's a good idea"

"We should call Blaise he manages that hotel, right?"


"I'll call him, can you start on lunch?"

"Sure, Baby" he walked towards me and gave me a long and passionate kiss on the lips before leaving the room. I dialled in Blaise's number on my iPhone.

H: Hi Blaise.

B: Hermione, to what do I owe this call.

H: My family the Grangers are holding a reunion at The Brave Serpent.

B: Yeah, they are I just checked the reservations.

H: Good, Draco and I and the kids will be coming so can you make sure the Malfoy Suite is cleaned up.

B: Yeah sure.

H: And can you tell the rest of the employs to call me granger for a few days, because Draco is gone on a business trip, and he will join me and the kids on the evening of the 26.

B: Sure, anything else.

H: yeah, can you make sure there is a ball prepared to reveal the identities of Draco and I and our marriage, and make sure the best reporters are there.

B: Sure, when would you like the ball?

H: The evening of the 27

B: Sure, that all

H: Yeah, bye

B: Bye

I hung up my phone a put it in my back pocket


Hope you guys like this book idea, the next chapter will be up pretty soon even maybe today.

XX, Sammy

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