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Twenty One

After strolling through the city, going into the few shops that where open considering the time, the group found themselves picking up a few boxes of pizza and heading back to the hotel.

"Well that was fun" Jack laughed as they got into the lobby of the hotel.

"We have to do that again" Rye said. Everyone nodding in agreement.

"GUYS!" They heard a voice shout.

"AH!" Brooklyn screamed.

Mikey smacked him, whispering for Brook to be quiet as they all attempted to hide behind a huge plant.

"Guys i'm not stupid, I can see you" Blair laughed, getting closer.

"RUN" Andy screamed as they bolted for the girls hotel room.

"ANDY FOWLER" Blair shouted, anger lacing his voice.

He followed the group, loosing them as they ran a different path.

"Why did we just do that?" Sian laughed out of breath.

"He's gonna kill us" Sophie said attempting to catch her breath.

"Well be fine" Mikey said.

"Let's eat this pizza"

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