When Zombies Attack

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Hey, I don't usually write stories about zombies but was bored and I love The Walking Dead so why not. I hope you'll like it. Love, Get.

"I can't stand that stupid show." Liza said, standing up. She picked up her purse from the table and headed to the door. "Can't believe you're kicking me out just because you want to watch The Walking Dead."

Janet put the Dvd in the drive and followed her best friend. "Technically, you're the one kicking yourself out. You can watch with me."

"You know I hate horror," Liza opened the door. "Can we watch a rom-com instead?"

Janet rolled her eyes.

"Goodnight, Janet." Liza stepped out.

"Goodnight, Liza. I love you."

"Try acting like you do," Liza yelled from the hallway.

Janet locked the door and turned off the lights. She went and lay on the couch, covering herself with a dark brown scarf. She put her phone on silent mode and placed it on the table. She didn't want any interruption while watching her favorite show.

Five minutes into the episode, she heard commotion outside. She turned up the volume, thinking it was a street fight. In the fairly small town, they happened so often and the police didn't care much. She soon forgot about the street as she admired Rick's green eyes and the tilt of his head which indicated he was about to do something incredible. Her phone kept lighting but she didn't bother to see who it was. It was obvious the person wasn't close to her or they'd know better than to call her repeatedly. If she didn't answer the first time, there was no point in calling again.

Close to the end of the episode, the noise became worse. She muted and listened to the footsteps and screams of people running up and down in her apartment building. Children were crying as well as adults, making her realize something terrible was going on.

Janet went to the window and looked out.

"Oh my gosh, what the hell is going on?" Janet cried and ran to get her phone while changing the station to a local one. "Breaking News: Strange Virus breaks out."

Janet grabbed her phone and saw three missed calls from Liza and two from her mother. There was a message from Liza telling her not to leave her apartment.

She dialled her mother's number but it was unavailable. She then called Liza.

"Where are you, Liza?"

Janet couldn't hear what Liza was saying. There were lots of people screaming in the background. She hung up and ran to check if the door was locked. Her heart was pounding so hard she could hear it. She tried her brother's number but he didn't pick up.

"...The virus has been here for a while and we've been doing tests to decide what exactly it was. Ten patients had been diagnosed but we didn't want to alarm the residents unnecessarily. We had isolated the patients and were planning to release a report about it so that no one else would get infected. It was completed today and before we could forward it, someone released the patients from isolation. By the time we found out it was too late." Doctor Mando, the best doctor in the town said.

"Can you tell us more about the virus?" The interviewer asked.

"Well..." Doctor Mando began but the signal got cut off. Immediately, there was a loud explosion which shook the walls. A scream escaped her mouth as she ran to the window. There was smoke coming from the deeper part of town. People in the streets were running faster and the crowd was filled with the most terrifying screams. Outside her apartment complex were two unmoving bodies lying on the ground. People jumped over them or moved aside.

Janet tried her mother's number again, her hands shaking but it was still unavailable. If they were all going to die, she'd better be with her family. She looked at her walking dead collection and wondered if the virus in her town would turn people into zombies. That's ridiculous, she thought and turned off the television.

Once outside, she broke into a run. There was no point in waiting for a taxi that might never arrive. She ran through the crowd, almost knocking a man in crutches. About twenty minutes later, she was at the residential area where her parents lived.

She stopped and sat down, a few houses to hers. Mrs Aribe, a neighbor was running away from her home with her seven year old twins, Hana and Jana.

"Janie! Please don't go home," Mrs Aribe said. "Turn around and go back to town with us."

"Why not?" Janet frowned. "What happened?"

"Can't explain now but we'll be safer in town," Mrs Aribe said, hugging her. "Your mother is dead. Let's go."

"I need to see her," Janet explained, running away from Mrs Aribe.

Janet didn't stop running until she was at her doorstep. She froze on opening the door. Her mother was lying on the floor with a terrible would on her cheek. It looked like the flesh had been bitten off. Janet knelt by her mother's side and shook the body.

"Wake up, mom." Janet lay on top of her mother's corpse. "I'm here. You can't leave Dee and I alone."

Janet heard slow footsteps and looked up to see her brother walking towards them.

"Dee!", She jumped up and hugged him. He raised his hands as if to hug her back but grabbed the back of her head. She broke off and looked at him.

"What is it, Dee?"

She screamed when she saw his open mouth. It was too late to get away. He bit her left cheek as she tried to wriggle out of his hold.

She turned to run out but bumped into her mother. "Mom!"

Her mother was still weak so she was able to pass by and get out. Outside, she wondered what had gone wrong. She always thought she'd be ready for the zombie apocalypse when it happened.

Janet's breathing was becoming harder as she ran so she decided to rest for a while. She tore a part of her top to stop the bleeding on her cheek. Unable to breathe normally, Janet realized she was going to die.

She lay on the ground, looking at the starry sky.

"That stupid show!" She said, thinking of The Walking Dead. "It taught me nothing."

1061 words.

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