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POV Taemin

I opened my eyes to faintly see Wonshik laying on the floor unconscious and my hands tied. ''Wonshik ! Wake up ! Shikie !'' I whisper yelled and he opened his eyes before he sat up. ''Tea are you ok ?'' ''I think ! Where do you think we are ?'' ''I don't know I'll try to find out !'' We sat in silence and I looked around. We are in a dark room with nothing, the window is unopenable because of bars and it's tainted black so nearly no light come through. I listened and heard water and....train ? I focused on the train noise. 'Next station Akeil ! Next station Akeil !' I could faintly heard a automatic voice say. ''Wonshik we're near the station Akeil !'' ''Ok I'll let Leo know in a bit !'' we stayed silent before the door was open and Kyungsoo was thrown with us. ''Soo ! Are you ok ?'' ''Yes don't worry ! Just some bruise ! I can't use my magic because of the handcuffs !'' ''That sucks ! Wait ! If you're here that mean that you found the house ! How is Leo ? Is he ok ?'' asked Wonshik ''Yes don't worry he's ok ! A little clash between Leo and Minho but that ok ! He's unarmed !'' ''Why did they took you ?'' I asked ''I tried to cast a tracking spell to find you both !'' ''Did you saw their face ?'' ''No sorry !'' ''It's ok ! I'll sleep a little to let Leo know what we know ! Keep an eye on Tae !'' said Wonshik before sitting against the wall and closing his eyes. ''I hope they'll come soon...I have a bad feeling !'' said D.O ''You're right...Nothing good will come from this...But don't worry they won't lay a finger on you I promise Hyung !'' I softly said to Kyungsoo. ''What are you planing Tae ?'' ''Don't worry ! I am the one that they want ! They would do anything I order if it mean I'm safe and healthy ! Last time they waited 2 hours before coming to take me to my suite ! When they'll come I'll ask them to release you unharmed !'' ''Tae don't do anything stupid ok ?'' ''Don't worry they can't hurt me ! I'm way too precious !'' D.O sight and I looked at Wonshik. Let's wait a bit more !

POV Jonghyun

I wasn't awake but I wasn't asleep either when I heard a lot of noise coming from downstair so I got up to see. ''What's happening ?'' I asked voice gravely because of my nap. ''I know ! Wonshik told me ! They're near Akeil !'' ''What ? Oh fuck ! That litterally at the other end of the state ! It will take like forever to get there and even longer to find them !'' whined Kibum. ''Stop Whining like a baby and get ready ! We're leaving now !'' I ordered and he went to fetch his mates. Once they joined us we went to the car and got in. ''Dad where did the other went ?'' ''They went home ! I told them we would take care of this ! He's my future son in law I can't just watch ! So here we are ! Ready to fight as a familly ! I have just one order to give you boys !'' said dad ''Yes ?'' ''At our next stop i want you to become a pack ! Your pack ! Jonghyun already decided to step down from the leader position so ! Before we get there i want you to be a pack !'' The trio looked at me chocked. ''It wouldn't be fair to Jinki hyung ! Since he is older and wiser I can't just come and take his position !'' ''Jonghyun I would understand if you were the leader ! You have a great potential and I would be honored to serve under your orders !'' Said Jinki. ''Same goes-'' ''Don't ! If you all say it ! I-I'll become the pack leader ! I can't it really wouldn't be fair ! I can't just snatch away what Hyung has been waiting for ! He can finaly be a leader just like his dad ! I can't-'' ''Jonghyun ! It's ok we got your point but don't think about yourself ! Think about them !'' said my dad. I looked at my friends. ''You're sure guys ? I mean...I'm impulsive and you know it ! I'm not very smart either !'' ''That why we're here ! I'm here to be your second brain ! Kibum is here to calm you down and Minho is here to boost you ! You have it in you to command ! We saw it earlier ! The way you calmed Minho with just a glance and a word ! We just feel it ! I may be older and wiser but you have somthings i don't ! You follow your heart while I follow my brain and you just inspire respect !'' I look over at his mate and they nooded. ''I'll follow you everywhere and anywhere !'' said Kibum. ''I'm glad to be under your orders !'' smiled Minho. ''I'll follow any order you'll give us and I'll do my best to help you !'' ended Jinki and sudently I felt something in me grow bigger.  Jinki's right hand glowed, a blue thing wrapped around Minho and a black mark appeared on Kibum's neck near his bites.

''Congratulation son ! You have your own pack ! You officialy leaved home ! Don't worry you guys are always welcome and we'll always help you as best we can !'' ''Thanks dad !'' He started the car and I couldn't help but smile. 'I wish Taemin was there to see him smile ! He love his smile !' ''me too Kibum !'' ''What ?'' ''What what ? I wish Taemin could be there too !'' ''How do you know ? I didn't talk !'' ''What ? That strange ! Just there I swear I heard you say that he love my smile !'' ''I didn't talk !'' ''It's ok guys ! It's a werewolf thing ! Telepathic bond ! You'll be able to talk with your mind soon ! It will need a lot of work but it will help a lot !'' explained Sodam ''So be careful of what you think about guys ! Jonghyun can't control what he hear !'' added Minseok. We drove for a good hour in silence all more or less asleep. 'I wish we could have finished the other day...It was so good...I missed them...Great I'm hard now !' ''God Minho please ! They told you to be careful ! I don't want to know your sex life !'' Minho blushed and looked away. ''Sorry...'' ''I'll start your training now lil' bro !'' said Sodam smiling and so for the next 6 hours and she was surprise I learned so fast. ''You're really good ! You're really born to be leader !'' ''Stop it ! I'm just me ! You know ! The little boy who's always crying and always to kind ! The one everybody though he was going to be an Omega !'' ''Yep but you're an Alpha and pack leader !'' I smiled and my mind wandered to Taemin.

POV Taemin.

''They know now ! We just have to wait and survive !'' said Wonshik once he woke up. A few second later the door opened and I saw him. The same man as usual, the one who will take care of me until the boss come. ''Hello Taemin ! Long time no see !'' ''Not long enough !'' ''Don't be like this ! Come I'll walk you to your room ! The guy with the grey hair ! You come too !'' ''What will you do of Kyungsoo ?'' I asked ''Don't know ! Maybe we'll torture him ? Or maybe we'll rape him once or twice before we sell him !'' ''Let him go ! Unharmed !'' ''Why would I do that ?'' ''Because if you don't I'll starve myself to death !'' ''I'll then force the food down your throat !'' ''Then I'll bang my head against the wall until I become ugly and unsellable !'' ''Ok Ok !'' He grabbed Kyungsoo and threw him to another man. ''I said unharmed !'' He gently took my hand and grabbed Wonshik by his arm. We walked up the stairs and he stopped in front of a door. He opened it and let Wonshik in. ''This is your room Moonchild ! Don't try to rebel or we'll torture you ! Taemin know I don't lie !'' He freed his hands and closed the door before he walked me to my suit. ''Here is your suit Princess ! As usual we set silk bedsheets ! I'll come back for diner !'' He untied my hands and closed the door behind him. I walked to the bed and sat on it. ''Jonghyun...i miss you...Mom...are you ok ?'' I looked at the ceiling and closed my eyes feeling drained. God i miss him.... A month passed by and Wonshik met Heechul yesterday. Since he saw that he wasn't rebeling he let him come and see me when he want so we're currently on my bed. ''How are you holding up Shikie ?'' ''I'm pretty good ! I can see him at night so I'm ok ! What about you ?'' ''I feel so empty and tired... I can't really sleep tho.'' ''I know it's hard but hold on ! They are training !'' '' Do you have any news about Kyungsoo ?'' ''No ! Sorry !'' I sight and layed my head on his shoulder. ''I miss the guys...and my mom...'' ''I know  Tae...just wait a little more ok ? Just hold on for a bit.'' I felt a tear roll on my cheek. ''Hey don't cry ! It will be ok !'' ''I know ! I dond't know where does she come from ! I'm not sad !'' ''It's your body...He miss his scent and if  I count well your heat should come soon... you'll have to be strong Tae...'' ''I'll try !''

The month was long and tiring. My heat were hell and Heechul told us he found someone to buy us so...If the guys don't hurry it will be too late. Today Heechul have some visitors so we are forbiden to come out of our rooms. And here i am sitting in front of my dressing table brushing my hair. They will cut them soon and i don't want them to ! I love my long hairs ! Mom love them too ! Father loved them as well and I'm pretty sure the guys like them ! Wonshik was forced to wash the red dye away and here he is ! Back to his white hair. ''Taemin ! Your bath is ready !'' Said Siwon from the other side. I got out and to the bathroom. I undressed and sat in the bathtube and relaxed a bit. My poor hairs...I'll miss them !

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