Chapter 6

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May Silver~ 28 years old (Terrance's mate)^

The next morning, 11:43 ~

{May's POV}

"Annnnnnd training is DONE!" The whore announced cheerfully, the entire Blue Moon pack except for Terrance collapsed onto the ground, panting and groaning in pain.  After a few minutes of doing so, they then sluggishly got up and shuffled back to the pack house.

"You guys are such pathetic little weaklings, it's sad really." She giggled as they walked past. Terrance chuckled in amusement and shook his head. "Agreed." He then ruffled up her hair making her laugh and playfully slap his chest causing him to put her in the choke hold and soon they were play fighting in the field.

I scowled at them and tapped my foot impatiently, waiting for them to finish. Why the hell does he even like her so much?

This went on for a few minutes until he finally tackled her onto the ground, straddling her waist so that she couldn't move. He said something to her which made her eyes lit up in happiness. She then pushed him off while laughing and sat up as they began to talk.

Are you serious right now?!

Slightly pissed, I stormed over to them. As I was getting closer I could hear the last bit of their conversion.

". . .what do you mean by that?" She questioned

"Simple." He leaned forward. "I promised you that I would do a better job protecting you once I got stronger when we were kids remember?" She smiled softly and blushed.

I loudly cleared my throat causing then to look in my direction. 

"Oh, hey May." Sombra spoke up while Terrance got up. I quickly held his hand and pressed my body up against his arm. 

"Hi, Sombra you don't mind if I steal Terrance for a bit do you? Even though you shouldn't mind in the first place because he's my mate." I glared at her. Her eyes widened. "N-no it's fine." She then looked up at him. "So I'll talk to you later T?" She had a hopeful gleam in her eyes.

"Yeah . . . we'll talk later. . . ." Terrance trailed off as I dragged him away from the little slut. "What's your problem May you never acted like this before?!" He harshly whispered.

"I want you away from her, do you understand me?" I gritted out, my grip tightening on his hand.

"You cant tell me what to do."

"Yes I can, cause guess what. I'm your mate and she's not."

"Why do you hate her so much you haven't even known her for a week?" He yanked his hand out of my hold and glared at me.

"I have my reasons."

He scoffed. "Until you can give me a better reason why  I shouldn't be around her, you cant stop me from doing so." He then walked off leaving me by myself, angry at his response.

{Sombra's POV}

I watched as Terrance and May walked off before standing up and stretching.

I don't like her at all.

Hm, I agree.

"Sombra, come here!" I turned to my Master who was standing by the forest with Venom at his side. I quickly ran towards them. 

"Yes Master?"

"When was the last time, you when flying?"

"Ummmm, I would say. . .6 months ago."

"I thought so, let's go." He then walked into the forest. I was about of follow him when I noticed the upset look on Venom's face as he stared intensely at my Master's back. "You good?"

He turned to me and gave a strained smile. "I'm fine."

"Sombra!" Mater called me again. I jumped before saying a quick 'bye' to Venom before running into the forest to catch up to him.  Once he saw  that I was beside him he began to talk. "It's unhealthy to not fly for long periods of time, we discussed this."


He sighed. "I'll let it slide this once but don't do it again. When you fly I only want you to fly in this area but be high enough so that no one can see you."

"But Master, you know that I don't do well with flying in small areas so can I fly a bit further please? Pretty please?"

He furrowed his eyebrows as he thought about what I said  for a few seconds before nodding. "Alright, but don't get caught, you have until 5pm."

I grinned as my wings protruded from my my hips and stretched them out. "No promises." I then flew into air.

{Satan's POV}

"Your a strange one brother." I shook my head and chuckled. "Your telling me, that you knew that the Jade (the moon goddess) was going to and did kick your child out of heaven and make her life hell and you didn't do shit?"

He stared at me boredly. "Yes, but if you think I'm that much of an asshole then your just as dumb as the rest of these people."


He rolled his eyes. "It's the truth."

I scowled. "Whatever. So are you going to help her or not?"

"Soon, but not now."

"Why won't you help her, it's been 25 years. . ." I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and leaned forward in my throne, tilting my head.

He sighed. "Why can't you trust me instead of asking questions?"

"Jee I wonder why. It's not like you allowed your daughter to be abused in every way possible since the tender age of 10, you deserve the 'Father Of The Year' award;  and then you wonder why not a lot of people like you."

He laughed. "You'll understand later on why I'm doing this but until then, make sure that Jade doesn't cheat by using that book." He then walked off towards the exit.

A smile made it's way onto my face. "Roger that brother." Once the door closed behind him I smirked evily. "Adam. Eve."

The couple appeared before me, wearing their usual masks and black clothes. "Yes Satan?"

"I need you to do something for me."

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