Ch. 8 Wattpad

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I felt comfortable, warm and fuzzy. I cuddle up to my pillow. I batted my eye lashes a few time then open them. The light went through the blinds highlighting Grimmjow's eyes, his stare was unusual a bit tired like he didn't sleep. My cheeks glow red after I realize that he was the pillow I cuddle up to.

I sit up quickly. And I went to the restroom to fix myself. I notice in the mirror, I had some sort of sore on my neck it was from last night when Gregg kiss my neck while he harassed me. That's a hickey. ugh I hate those things is claiming your bitch.

Grimmjow walk in and took a piss right in front of me. I growl

"Don't you have some respect?"

he put his manhood away and answer,

"You should know by now, I don't give a fuck"

"So rude"

"You shouldn't be talking smack, after I save your life you owe me big time. You said so yourself last night"

"I don't remember anything, it was a blurt my head hurt"

"You were tripping. And you kissed my cheek"

"Did anything else happen?"

"We fuck"


"Don't get your panties in a wad I was just kidding. I already told you I don't want anything with you"


"You're a bit weird writing something like that"

"I'm not the only one there's a website called wattpad and is full of people who write love fiction"


I sat him in front of my laptop and type his name and a bunch of stories pop out. I left him alone to see what kind of things people wrote about him meanwhile I went downstairs to fetch a snack. When I arrive with a bag of chips he then demands me,

"Why are people making yaois over me and kurosaki or ulquiorra?"

I reply laughing,

"Well at least you take the male role instead of the female"

"These are some weird ass teenagers with sexuality obsessing over gay couples"

"Well did you read the others?"

"Yeah, they made sound soft in some parts and I wouldn't fall for a girl who trying to act all tough then give into me so easily...... Do I look gay?"

"Well just a little. I always thought you were bisexual and go either way"

"What makes me look gay, is it my hair?"

"Yes, then you're always trying to find your bf Ichigo"

"Shut the fuck up"

"Don't worry I won't tell Ulquiorra"

"Now your begging to get your ass beat"

I don't care if I die today it was worth it, I laugh my ass off and something rare happen. He blush. Omg could he be bisexual, this is too good. Grimmjow  then pull my hair and roar,

"This is not funny"

No matter how much it hurt I still laugh but when he had enough he said,

"I'm going to comment on all this stories and give them a piece of my mind. Then I'm going to write about what I think of this dumb site and tell this people to get a life"

I then interfered,

"Grimmjow they admire you and are creaming over you, c'mon these are your fans. If you weren't a bad ass and sexy nobody would take interest for you"

"So you think I'm sexy"

"I'm not going to lie cause you'll get the truth out of me so yeah you are"

"This is not how I look like a a century ago"

He showed me a picture of him, no muscle just thin and brown hair not a lot of sexual appeal he seem sweet.

"Grimmjow I would date you back then if I could, you look so adorable" I giggle

"Why won't you date me now?"


"Just joking"


"Wattpad is whack, though is cool getting the attention I deserve like a King"

"I need some attention too, could you give me some" I place a hand on his lap

"What did you say?"

"Just busting your balls"


to be continue....

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