Chapter 31

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Kyles pov(whaaaat?)

'Leave me alone', my peaceful rest is interrupted by pressure on my chest, then a harsh sting to my face, followed by a second. I can hear sounds, it's like muffled voices but I can't make them out, then I feel pain flare through my body and I can hear them clearly.  "Come on, wakey, wakey," a singsong tone and the voice sounds familiar.

"Do you think we really killed him? He was under for a while, he should be responding by now," That voice I know, and reality slaps me in the face. I was taken by hunters, they tortured me and they drowned me. I thought I was done, but I guess not.

Another harsh push to my chest makes me lift off the floor and try to take a breath, only to be stopped by a burning sensation in my lungs and a need to hack up whatever is in there. "Hey, there you go, not dead after all." He sounds way too pleased with himself, it makes me want to die again just to piss him off. I'm turned on my side and start to retch up the water from my lungs, the violent motion makes me empty the contents of my stomach as well, since I haven't eaten for who knows how long only bile comes out. 

After my breathing stabilizes I'm pulled into a seated position and leaned against a wall, I'm too weak to do anything more than just sit there and watch the two men in front of me.

"You gave us a bit of a scare kid, you were gone for almost five minutes, we kinda figured you wouldn't make it." He kicks my limp legs but I can't muster up the strength to react, "Hey, are you all there?" he waves a hand in front of my face, then he turns to his buddy, "Maybe his brain got fried? It may have been too long for him to go without oxygen?"  

The first thing that really registers is a feeling of emptiness, I feel like I'm missing a piece of me. But I can't quite put my finger on what that something is.

"Nah, I think he just needs to reboot a little," I'm once again kicked and feel my leg jerk from the contact, "See? He felt that."

Kane leans closer to my face and make sure to have eye contact, "Did you know," he has a diabolic glint in his eyes, like he takes a perverse pleasure in what he's about to tell me, "that when one mate dies the bond is severed between them? Even if the one who died is revived the bond is still broken," I feel my heart thumping unevenly and my chest restrict as I realize what the empty feeling is, I can't feel Anders and Mads anymore. They are gone, and left a huge hole in my soul.   

He just continues on like he didn't just deliver a killing blow, "We made this discovery completely by chance, we had a mated pair here and we accidentally killed the male, even though we got him back his mate went completely batshit crazy. She was screaming and wailing, clawing at her own skin, it was such a treat to watch," like the psycho he is, he is smiling. "As a little experiment we let him inside her cell to let them remark each other, just to see if that would work, but she was too far gone and managed to rip her own throat out. He lost every shred of sanity seeing his mate die like that, we had to put down the poor bastard after that."

Goddess, what does this mean for Anders? Does he think I'm dead? He must have felt the bond break, and if what these men are saying has any truth to it he could be losing his mind right now, he must be hurting so bad. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I need to get out of here, I have to get back to Anders. He needs to know that I'm fine.

"Let's put him in one of the cells to heal up, if we kill him again this soon we might not be able to bring him back and it would be a shame to lose him now." They waste no time lifting me up from the ground, carrying me two doors down and unceremoniously dumping me on the floor, I grunt as my bare back connects to the cold cement floor. A piece of bread and a bottle of water is thrown in, "Be a good boy and eat, the food will help you heal up faster, wouldn't want you to lose your spirit just yet." To be honest I think I have lost my spirit, the moment I realized that I lost my connection to Anders, I lost the support of the love he sent me, and I'm not sure how to stay sane without it. But I have to, if I don't, my mate will die for sure, and I will not allow that to happen without putting up a fight. So I eat the food and drink the water, I have to keep up my strength if I'm going to get out of here. My body I beyond tired, my eyes closes and with the image of my beautiful wolf before my eyes I fall asleep.

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