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                      Taylor's pov;

Tracy pulled into a parking space turning off the car. We hopped out and ran inside to the front desk "Jordan Lopez, I asked "aw yes jordan she's in surgery right now, the worker said "surgery on what, I panicked "I can't display any of that right now please have a seat the doctor will be right out with you, the worker said. I rolled my eyes as me and Tracy went over to the chairs sitting down; I leaned over my knees and placed my hands in my face Trying my best not cry. Nobody's never seen me cry before not even when my dad disowned me for being gay but this time it's different this is my sister it's nothing of anybody else not even my dad only jordan. Tracy leaned down to where I was at as she rubbed my back "god I just need to know my sister is okay she's my everything, I sighed "it's gonna be okay I'm gonna be here for ya, Tracy said "thanks bae, I said

"Lopez, the doctor called; me and Tracy got up and went over to him. "That's me, I said "okay your sister is a lucky person according to her injury it wasn't a accident and it looks like she was already in a fight because she had bruises on her back and around her neck she has minor injuries towards her brain but it's not serious but a piece of glass did prick her throat when she was hit so she really can't talk and has a tube down her throat and she will be in rehab for two because her knee bones are fractured, the doctor explained "okay may we see her, I asked "yes she's down in room 2b, the doctor said "okay, I said. We walked past the doctor heading to the back where jordan room was; we knocked on the door before entering. I went over to her bed where she was laying there lifeless but awake just starring at the ceiling; I pulled a chair up besides the bed and picked up her hand holding it. I kissed her hand and rubbed it "I'm glad your okay sis, I smiled "baby don't you have to call your mom, Tracy said "oh yeah, I said. I took my phone out my pocket and dialed my mom's number

-how is she?
-she has to go to rehab for two weeks because her knee bones are fractured and she has minor injures to her brain but she will be fine she has a tube her mouth because they had to remove a piece of glass out of throat from the window
-okay tell her I will be up there tonight
-okay mom we love you
-I love you too

I hung up the phone before placing it back in my pocket; I picked back up Jordan's hand and rubbed it making sure not to let go. Tracy phone started to ring out loud she answered as she stepped out; I laid my head on top of jordan handing trying to hold back my tears. I sniffled a little causing jordan to move her hand a little; I lifted my head up to see tears dripping down her scratched up face. I grabbed a tissue of the nightstand next to the bed and patted the tears up "don't cry jordan I promise you them bitches are gonna pay, I said. She lifted her hand and managed to draw a letter in the air as I watched her I noticed it said A and M; anger filled my heart and mind as I knew who those people we're. "Are you sure it was them, I asked; she lifted up a thumbs up as I was getting up she grabbed onto my hand and lifted her other hand up spelling out no it's fine don't go. I sighed as I sat back down in the chair next to her; Tracy finally stepped back into the room. She sat down next to room and rubbed my back; I swear she's the best "babe my mom wants me home now, Tracy sighed "okay baby go ahead, I said "are you sure?, Tracy said "yes it's fine, I said "okay babe I love you, Tracy said "I love you too, I said. She pecked my cheek before leaving out; I looked up at jordan to see her dozing off to sleep. I decided to lay my head next to her hand and doze off to sleep

I started to wake up as voice filled the room; I sat up stretching. I fully opened my eyes to see my parents and Tracy in the room waiting for me or jordan to wake up; I looked over to see her still breathing but in pain I felt my heart hurt and my eyes get heavy. "Good morning baby, Tracy said "morning, I said "are you okay sweetie, your mom asked "yeah I'm fine, I said "Taylor, your dad said "Carlos, I said "still gay, your dad said "yop you still have aids, I said "Taylor, your mom said "he's questioning me so what's the issue, I shrugged "we are not gonna be arguing we are here together for jordan as a family, you're mom snarled. I rolled my eyes knowing she was right "don't roll your eyes at your mother, your dad said "don't tell me what to do your no longer my father you wasn't when you disowned me, I snarled "I'm still am, your dad said "naw b your Jordan's father remember that's what you told me, I said "stop arguing, your mom snapped.

I turned back to jordan as I continued to rub her hand; there was a knock at the door "come in, I said. The door slowly opened it was just the doctor and nurse; the nurse closed the door behind her and walked further in with the doctor. "Okay so who's the parents, the doctor said "us, your mom said "okay so parents we have good news, the doctor said "okay, you're mom said "jordan has improved on her brain levels and her snitches are starting to heal faster then we thought but the bad news is she's still not talking, the doctor said "we are removing the tube today, The nurse said "okay, I said "shush, you're mom said "but we need everybody out the room, the doctor said "okay, I said. I grabbed Tracy's hand as we left out the following behind my mom and Carlos; I sat by the wall and so did Tracy. She laid her head on my shoulder letting out a yawn "you tired, I asked "yeah just exhausted, Tracy yawned "get some sleep baby, I said; she laid down across my lap and started to drift off to sleep as I stroked her head

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