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Name : [Y/N] or [Y/N]nite.

Age : 1.096 years old.

Gender : Female

Mohs Scale : 7.5/(Up to you~)

Appearence : (Your beautiful self)

Personality : (Your amazing personality)

Job : Fighter/Medic.

For this story I'm giving the gems genders, since they are genderless and it is crucial for the gems to have spesific genders in this story for the storyline to make it easier for me. I'm sorry if the genders that I picked for the gems doesn't suit your taste. Though, it won't be mentioned much, and the genders don't really showed in the story much.

There are more female gems compare to the male gems, but don't worry it won't effect the story.


-Red Beryl.
-Amethyst 84.
-Watermelon Tourmaline.
-Lapis Lazuli.
-Ghost Quartz.


-Yellow Diamond
-Orange Zircon.
-Amethyst 33.

AND That's actually it for the introduction! Onwards with Chapter 1!

*Art belongs to the original artist/illustrator.*

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