Problems, problems

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Kris' POV
I woke up the next morning with Tao yelling at Xiumin.
"What exactly were you doing? Kris is my-MY BOYFRIEND!" Xiumin looked down at the ground. "I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was doing. I already told you, I WAS DRUNK!"
I silently laughed. Xiumin looked too cute and funny when he got mad and yelled.
But Tao heard. "And you!" I stopped laughing and stared at Tao. "What were you doing? You're not even of age!" "I look older than I am, and they didn't ask for an id." Tao sighed. He paced around the room. "We're going to be late for school." Xiumin silently said. I shot up. "I can't be late! If I am.. Aish!" I ran around the room, then realizing I'm in the guest room, I runs out. Tao stared at Xiumin. "Stay away from him." Tao left the room, while Xiumin mumbled, "I almost have him." Xiumin, Tao, and I all changed, ate, and left for school.
Kai's POV
I woke up and saw Kyungsoo peacefully sleeping. So cute! I sighed, making Kyungsoo go through all this wasn't right. I kissed his forehead and left to make some breakfast.

~20mins later~

I was setting down the milk and I heard footsteps. Kyungsoo walked in the kitchen and was surprised to see me. "Kai! What are you doing here? Don't you have school?" I chuckled and walked to him. "I couldn't leave you alone. You're sick and I have to prove myself for you. I want to be a good boyfriend." I saw Kyungsoo blush and look down. "You're making me blush." He whispered. I made him sit down, "Eat." He nodded and ate. I sat there, watching him. He looked up and down, then up again, staring at me with his beautiful big black wide eyes. "Why?" He mumbled. "Why what? I can't admire you?" "I-I guess."
He finished eating and drinking his milk. I took his plate and cup from him, setting it on the sink. "I want to spend all day with you, Kyungie." "I-Okay." I smiled, kissing him softly and slowly, taking the time to memorize his lips, moving in sync against mine, the softness, so perfect. I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him closer, deepening the kiss. Kyungsoo moved against me, running his thigh against my hardening member. I groaned. Kyungsoo pulled back, looking up at me with his big eyes, along with lust. "Kyungsoo?" He looked down. "Take me." He had tears coming out. "Take me, now!" "Kyungs-" "If you won't... I'll.. I'll leave you." I was surprised. "You don't mean it." I shot back. He sighed. "Of course I don't.. But I need you.. Now. Please." His grip on my shirt tightened. His leg rubbing against my member. His lips brushing against mine but never touching.
He was turning me on.
And he knew I couldn't refuse.
"It won't hurt." I said as I gently entered Kyungsoo. "A-Ah.."
I thrusted into Kyungsoo, his legs tightening around my waist, pulling me closer to him, to enter him more. His grip on my arms tightened as I continued thrusting. I kissed his lips, moaning as he entered his tongue, battling and sucking on it. I pulled back, gasping for air. I grabbed his hips, thrusting into him slower and deeper. "I'm cum." Kyungsoo moaned out. I thrusted once more, stroking Kyungsoo's member as he came. I continued, as I had not reached my climax. "Almost.. There!" I thrusted and kissed him, passionately. I came.
I lied down with Kyungsoo snuggled up against me. I moved the bangs out of his eyes. "Once.. More.." I heard Kyungsoo whisper out. "Huh?" Kyungsoo got up and sat himself on me, as I was laying down. His legs on either side of my waist. "My turn." I widened my eyes. As much as I wanted this, Kyungsoo was still sick. And it was only 11:30am! "Kyungsoo, please, later today. I'm hungry." He jumped up. "You're hungry? Omo!" He ran out(naked), to the kitchen. Moments later, I smelled food.
Baekhyun's POV
I'm sore.
Maybe I turned Chanyeol on too much. Kekeke, but it was nice and lovely, would've been better on a bed than on an old abandoned table.
Well, that was yesterday. And today, at school, Tao and Kris walked in with an amazingly cute guy! I pinched his cheeks but he smacked my hands away. I realized he was going to be a teacher soon.
But never mind that.
I slowly crept closer, I want to hear what's he's saying. "Oppa, come on." I silently murdered the girl in my mind, then looked up at Chanyeol, from a closer view, it was as if he was uncomfortable and wanted to leave immediately. "No, I already told you no." Chanyeol moved back as the girl moved closer.
This is where I come in.
I stood up, dusted my pants off, took a deep breath, then acted cute and bubbly!
"Channie!!" I yelled as I ran towards him. I saw him light up and smile. Oh gosh, this derp was the one who melted and stole my heart.
"Baek!" I ran and jumped onto him, hugging him tightly. His arms around me, I felt so happy and comfortable. He put me back down, but me being me, I pouted. The girl coughed. "Hello." Ew. She sounded nasty! "Hi!^^" "Chanyeol, who is this?" "The reason I can't go out with you." She gasped. Lol. Channie pulled me in for a big passionate kiss on the lips. We pulled back and the girl was gone. "Aw Baekkie, you're blushing." "Huh?" I patted my cheeks and covered my face with my hands. "Let's go find everyone. Lunch time is about to come." I nodded my head as he interlocked our fingers together. I pouted. "My feet hurt." Chanyeol laughed and crouched down. I climbed onto his back, his arms holding my legs as my arms wrapped around his neck. I kissed his neck. "I love you Channie." "And I love you Baek."
Luhan's POV
"Sehun... Why was Tao here yesterday?" I said as I put on my jacket. "Panda doesn't know his math." Sehun replied. I nodded my head. "Okay."
But I didn't believe that at all. Yes they had their books out but how does it explain me walking in and hearing moans? Sehun left Tao for me! Is he denying it now? Ugh, anyways. I left and came back about 20 minutes later. They were back to studying. I did nothing and went to bed. Now, today, I have no motivation to talk at all. I'm scared. What if Sehun will leave me.. For Tao??
I then realized I was crying when Sehun came to me and used his thumb to wipe away some of my tears. He looked at me sincerely. "Are you okay?" "No." I slapped his hands away and left.
Sehun's POV
He must've came earlier and heard moans. Not good. Luhan might get the wrong idea! I was helping Tao with math then Tao went to use the computer and porn was on! It's not my fault that I was watching it without Luhan. Aw Boo. I need to catch up to him. I ran out the door, locking it and chasing Luhan. "Luhan! Luuuuhaaaaan!" I saw a pink fluff of hair turn the corner. Luhan.
I ran faster and caught up to him. "Luh-" I froze in my tracks. Eyes widened. Tears threatening to come down.
Suho's POV
Lay is so cute.
My feels.
I ken not.
Oh My Goodness.
This perfection.
I woke up to find Lay staring at me, when he saw I woke up, he smiled. *dead* So cute! "Good Morning Suho!" I smiled back. "Good Morning Lay." I sat up on my bed, to have Lay move himself on my lap. "Did you sleep well?" "Yes.. Did you?" He nodded his head. I wrapped my arms around his waist. I leaned in for a kiss, but he pulled back. "Ah, why?" "How much do you like me?" "I LOVE you, a lot. It's unexplainable!" Lay giggled. "What I thought." "Why?" Lay looked down and blushed. "Last night, you were sleep talking, noaning out my name.." I widened my eyes and blushed. "W-what?!" Lay giggled once again. "It's okay, don't be embarrassed. One of your ways to prove your love for me. Now let's go. We're late!" Lay gasped as he looked down at his watch. He got off my lap and ran to change. I followed in sync. "Oh! You brushed your teeth?" I nodded my head. Lay ran to me and gave me a kiss. "I forgot to let you kiss me earlier." I smiled. "Let's get breakfast on they way." "Okay." I held his hand, interlocking our fingers.
No One's POV
"Hey guys." The guys looked up to see Chen, they all greeted each other then are their lunches. Moments later Luhan came with Xiumin. "Hey guys, meet my new friend." "Ugh. I'll be going now." Tao got up and left. "What's wrong?" Luhan asked, looking at Tao then to at Xiumin. "I already met Kris and Tao, but with Tao, not on good terms." "Oh."
They both sat down. "Well, here, this is Chen, Lay, Suho, Kris, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun.." The guys looked at Luhan. "What's wrong?" "Where's Sehun?" They all shrugged their shoulders.
"Haven't seen him at all today."
"Wasn't in 1st hour."
"I saw him walking at the park." Kris, Baekhyun, and Chen had said.
Lunch had ended and the guys went to their 6th hours.
Sehun's POV
I shouldn't be calling him that.. It's not respectful. But who cares about respect? Luhan broke of all trust and respect I had for him! If he thought I was having sex with Tao, then he should talk to me about it! Not go and have a full make out session with another man.
I decided to skip school today. I don't want to Luhan, and the man. But I want to see Tao. I should text him.
To: Panda
From: Sehun

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