Ch. 7 Date

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After stepping out the shower I dry out my hair then began to curl them, I then slip into a tight black dress that compliment my figure and hop into a lovely pair of my favorite pumps. I wore some of my mother's jewelry and borrow her make up kit and began my make over. Finally I apply some lipstick and I was done. I also spray some of my vanilla perfume.

I grab my purse and before I even step out of my room I heard someone climb into my window, for a minute there I thought it was Grimmjow but it was Gregg. He then said,

"You look beautiful tonight"

I reply simply,


"Your chariot awaits my lady"

he gave me his back to hop on and he brought me down my balcony. We then walk to the street and I saw he own a Harley, Gregg gave me a helmet and we went to the theater.

As we went inside to take a seat I then saw Connie and Grimmjow there. Omg this can't be happening. We sat right in front of them and Connie had to notice me,

"(_____) is that you. Girl you look so different but in a good way"

I had to say something or it be rude,

"Hey there I didn't saw you. Thanks girl. You look good too"

"Who's that?"

"That's Gregg .... my date"

"He looks handsome. And I'm sorry for earlier"

"Is fine well talk to you later"

By Grimmjow's face he was stun, which brought a little bit of satisfaction to me. The face he had was priceless I almost wanted to laugh. During the movie Gregg wrap an arm around me and I lean my head everything seems to go fine.

When the movie was over we walk out for a bit and he hold my hand. Connie caught up behind us with Grimmjow and wonder,

"Where you guys heading?"

Gregg then answer,

"We were going to eat at a restaurant but its a bit late so we're just getting home"

We hop on the Harley and head back at my place. Gregg park and we walk a while in the woods. He then stole a kiss away from my lips, it was tender and sweet. When our lips parted he said,

"I love you, do you love me back?"

I honestly answer,

"No... To love you again is like feeling like not living and always had to be escaping"

"I'm a changed man"

"I know for a fact you can't change the past and you can't change someone for something you want. So please understand me"

"Bull shit, why are you always a hassle?"

He brutally slap me and push me down the ground, he pin me down as he kiss my neck.

"Stop it. I don't want this!"

His hand slider up my leg and no matter how much I squirm or yell no one was there to rescue me.

I felt hopeless. Until someone kick him off me, and I saw Grimmjow  after that everything was blurry then faded into the darkness.

I felt his strong arms carry me. Once I got into my room I felt light headed, I hit my head to hard on the ground. I was sitting up but I couldn't support myself so I lean on him, I look around and everything seems to be surrounded by a fog as if I was tripping.

Grimmjow notice how bad in shape I was he lay back as he brought me up to lay on his chest. I couldn't move. I felt paralyzed. I manage to say without stumbling in my own words,

"Thank you.....You save me from a haunted memory.... I owe you my life and...."

He press a finger on my lips then said,

"Save your speech. And don't force yourself just rest"

I continue to talk but I burst into tears,

"No... I just wish I could repay you for saving me again from the loneliness"

"Don't worry is fine"

He just couldn't understand what he meant for me, with the little force I had i grasp on to his shirt and climb a bit higher to meet his face. Grimmjow's bored face stare at me, my lips pucker up and I lightly peck his cheek. Instead of a kiss for waking you up is just did the opposite as I fell asleep on him.

to be continue ......

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