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Ch.56 The battle of Integrity high/ long chapter
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I stared at the three on the stage, as Finiax rushed back to help. I would do something to try to help the others fight, but Savages soul is something that hasn't been recorded and for all we know we could have another Beté Noir case on our hands.

*yes I know what happened to Frisk in the recent episode of glitch tale but I refuse to forget our Lego looking friend...oh glob I'm going to start calling him Lego boy now...😅😂*

"BROTHER?" Papyrus stated my name as I looked towards my little bro.

"Yeah Papyrus?" I asked as he gave me a worried looked, I knew what he was thinking and I wasn't going to let him. He wouldn't last a minute without me by his side out there. Gaster is busy trying to use one of his recent experiments to work; he's trying to block out any more of those people from coming in, and trap the ones were fighting inside.

I looked to the short girl with tan skin, amber eyes and dark hair wearing purple, the muscular werewolf boy with brown eyes, light skin and red jacket along side and light skinned girl with powder blue eyes and hair. All of them seemed shocked but on guard.

"Can you three do me a favor?" I asked as they looked at each other and nodded.

"Keep an eye on him." I stated.

"Alright!" The short one replied.

"Stay here, don't move from that spot unless your in trouble. I'll be back." I said turning away from my brother as my left eye began turning a light blue teleporting me to the stage.

In front of me I saw a worried skeleton I know through Pap who's name is Fresh arguing with Shifteh, as Aito on the phone with his sister while he was trying his best while refuting ideas from a concerned Finiax.

"Please! Her condition is critical! Let me heal her." Finiax begged.

"No, I know you want to help but I can't let you it's too dangerous! Mao where are you get out here now." Aito refuted wording his sister to come to the stage.

"But she could die!"

"You can both die if you do! She's losing a lot of blood, not only that but if you heal her you'll end up in the same critical condition with her if you fail! We're not taking that risk!" He stated as suddenly a girl younger but identical to the pink haired boy keeled down beside him.

"Try to stabalize her soul while I work on her wound, we need to work together to save her." He said as I stared at the soul that was now in Mao's hands.

I ignored the bantering of Fresh and Shifteh along with Aito and Finiax as I examined the soul.

I would help but they seem to know what their doing for the most part, right now I need to find out what's with this humans soul...if I can even call her that.

I payed attention to every aspect of her soul, deciding that I had some information I decided to teleport back to Papyrus and write it all down for Gaster.

'With our luck or specifically my luck, this will most likely be a problem...' I thought deciding to get ahead of what ever accident happens with a snap of my fingers.


I fought along side many of the students in school that me and Frisk got to help us with our plan, every human with the soul of kindness was creating a force feild around themselves and the doors to prevent any other enemies from entering. The rest of us would defeated the enenmies inside and give them to the police once they arrived.

It wasn't the most epic plan but it was the less dangerous way, considering how many students were too afraid to do anything in much for integrity high right?

Every now and then I would glance back at the stage where Fresh was, making sure he was safe along with the others. How ever it was rare when I checked since I was also making sure no enemy got past me.

I had just sucker punched a human in the face who was about to stab me, I turned around throwing them to the side and felt the air get knocked out of me as I fell. Coughing I got up as quickly as I could holding my stomach as I looked up at my attacker, only for my eyes to widen in shock.

Not only pointing a pistol, but also pouting their Razer sharp orange eyes down at me. Despite never meeting this person I could instantly connect the dots afterwards, she matched the description Fresh mentioned once but I found I couldn't fight back.

"Fresh is mine." She said between gritted teeth as the sound of a trigger being pulled and a bullet being shot went off.

I stood ready to take the pain knowing I wasn't going to be able to dodge fast enough, but as the bullet was coming at me it was hit by another bullet to the left of it. Once the two bullets collided a neon pink sphere warped around the said bullets, and suddenly bursting like bomb sending everyone 2 feet close to it back; including me as we were all sent to the floor.

"PJ!?" I heard Fresh and Shifteh call me as I coughed away the dirt in the air caused by the explosion looking up.

In front of me was Fresh's little half sister Lux who had removed her hood from hiding her face; she held a pure white pistol with a amber colored engraving on it that said "Pax" in cursive, and another white pistol with a green colored engraving on it that said "Acke" that was also in cursive.

I was surprised to see her standing in the middle of the cross fire I was in, especially since fear and nervousness is usually written in her features.

"Your not strong enough, but with my help we might have a chance to beat Bedelia." Lux stated.

"Who?" I asked as she kept her eyes focused on the spot where my attacker was.

"No one knows if its her actual name but we don't call her Bedelia for no reason; Bedel is means Powerful and strong. If its her real name her parents will be glad to know she lives up to it, now get up and focus." Lux explained as the smoke cleared revealing an orange pearal crescent butterfly like woman.

"Oh my, what an awkward situation." Bedelia hummed cockily smiling at Lux as the said teen monster sweat dropped.

"So you were in this lame excuse of a school all along? Not only that but now your defending these worthless beings? Oh Luxie, why didn't you just tell be you wanted to be a goodie two shoes?" She questioned playfully as I stood ready to fight and Lux had both pistols pointedtoward the butterfly as said monster took a step forward.

"As fun as it is I can't play your silly games..." She hummed with a smile as she dropped her gun and revealed a orange whip in her grasp, she whiped it around a bit creating a crackling sound with every sharp pull and tug.

"I figured you'd want to play "hero" some time anyway." She stated darkly as she slashed the whip towards us.

We instantly jumped out of the way as the fight began. Lux was right when she said Bedelia lived up to her name, but one things for sure is that she wasn't impossible to beat. Like teams in sports she has a strategy, if we can keep moving and diving her attacks long enough we can learn them and beat her. We just have to find out her strategy pattern and most of all her goal.

If only we knew what she was actually after...

We could have prevented a mess we didn't even realize we got ourselves into.

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