Chapter 1

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<At the hospital>

Y/N's pov:

" May I know the room for patient Lee Jihoon?" I asked the nurse. " He got into an accident this morning. "

" Room 407." She answered with a smile.

" Thank you. " I thanked her and swiftly made my way to the room.

Today, Jihoon met with a car accident this morning when he was going to pick me up from my house, to go to school together.

When I got there, I saw Jihoon staring blankly at the wall in front of him.

" Oppa! Are you okay?" I ran to his side and held his hand.

He looked at me in shock and flung my hands away.

" Wh-Who are you?" He looked at me with a shocked expression.

" I'm not playing your games Lee Jihoon!" I told him.

" Who's Lee Jihoon? I'm Park Jihoon. And you haven't answered my question yet who are you?" He asked.

This time, I knew that Jihoon wasn't joking so I quickly got the doctor.

" I think he is suffering from amnesia. After all, he hit his head hard. What did you say your name was again?" The doctor asked.

" Park Jihoon. " He replied.

" You're not Park Jihoon. You're Lee Jihoon. Do you remember anything else?" The doctor asked again.

" I don't remember anything other than my name and I'm very sure my name is Park Jihoon! " Jihoon started to get angry since the doctor didn't believe him.

Instead of replying Jihoon, the doctor turned to me.

" Please help him regain his memory as quick as possible. Thank you. " The doctor said and left the room.

" Get out. " Jihoon spoke.

" Oppa bu-"

" I said get out! Don't oppa me. I don't know you!" He shouted.

" Oppa, please. You heard the Doctor you are suffering from amnesia so obviously, you won't remember me. Here. I'll show you evidence."

I whipped out my phone and showed him a picture of us together.

" So I was really in a relationship with you?" Jihoon asked.

I nodded my head.

" It's okay if you don't remember me now. I'll try my best to regain your memories." I held his hand.

" Thank you.." Jihoon smiled.

While Y/N was with Jihoon, there was another Jihoon unconscious in another ward...

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