Our Forbidden Love (a Kendall Schmidt/BTR imagine story)

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Heyyy guys! This is my first time writing an imagine story as well as publishing it on wattpad! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feel free to leave me comments & follow me on twitter @yaralovesBTR and ask me about my story there!! Hope you guys enjoy it!!

Btw (Y/N) means (your name) so you guys actually play the protagonist here!! ;) enjoy!!


Our Forbidden Love

Part 1

•••• Your POV ••••

"(Y/N) Let's Go! We're gonna be late for school" Matthew shouts. Matthew is my twin brother and he is like my second best friend. Its the first day of school and the first day of Senior year! Its the year you've been waiting for more than anything and now it was time for you to make the best of it.

"Seriously (Y/N) we're going to be late, we're going to school not a beauty pageant" He shouts one more time. "I'm coming, I'm coming" you say as you glance at the mirror one last time to make sure you looked perfect. You're wearing your favorite white skinnys and a black halter top with black sandals. You blow dried you're hair in the morning and honestly you looked good. As you walked down the stairs you heard your brother say "damn sis, who you looking good for" you playfully push him to the side and make your way out the door and into his car.

When you finally arrived to school you're about to go out to go find your friends until you locked eyes with this one guy...

•••• Kendall's POV ••••

"I see Matthew driving by and there was someone in the passenger seat beside him. She looks exactly like Matthew but, Matthew never told me he had a twin sister. Whoever she was I had to know get her.

•••• Your POV ••••

You saw the guy staring back at you so you looked away immediately. You've never seen him in your life before but you had to admit he was cute. When Matthew parked his car completely, you go out and went straight into your lockers, you didn't wanna make eye contact with the guy just yet plus he could have been Matthew's friend and was looking at him instead of you.

You met up with you're best friend since Kindergarten, Jessica. You guys exchanged schedules and found out you had English, Lunch and Gym together. As the bell rang you gathered you're stuff quickly and walked down the hall to you're first period class with Jessica. You realized you forgot something in your locker so you let Jessica go to english so she wouldn't be late while you went back to get your book. Its already the first day back and you were already late for your first period class. You quickly ran to class not looking where exactly you were going until you bumped into a guy...

The same guy that was staring at you when you came to school.

To be continued :D

Thought? Comments? Like it so far? :p

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