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Araadhika's pov

When i opened my eyes i saw a handsome guy in front of me,he was staring at me I have never been so close to a guy in my life and those words strike on my mind because everyone has told me that i am very simple and should change myself. I don't look pretty.

He was a charming guy with catchy black eyes . his height was apprx. 6 feet . 

He had brown hair and a fair complexion with light beard on his face that was giving his face a nice touch .He had worn maroom blazer .He asked me if he could drove me to my home.He was looking a decent one so I said yes.

After a week ;

I was filling my job applications and my sis and bro were studying. Then my mom came she was looking surprised .She hugged me and told me that i have done good deeds in my past life for which the proposal of a rich businessman has come for marriage that also with no demands.

we then went into the drawing room where Papa was sitting . He looked at me and told me the same. Papa was so happy ,he hugged me and then mom and papa broke into tears. 

He asked me if i was happy , i nodded my head because my happiness lies in them .

And it was clear from their faces that it was the happiest day for them.

I went into my room where my siblings were ready to tease me. My sister was having a photo of him. She didn't let me see that. I left her in the room .I don't know why i was not  happy? 

After dinner , we went to our rooms . Me and my sister shared the same room . I knew it that she would tease me for that photo.  I  fixed the pillow ,then i noticed that there was a photo .

OH MY GOD!  It can't be true . I must be dreaming.  he was the same guy who saved me in the rain. Now i am the happiest person of this world . But suddenly my younger sister ,SIYA, came and snatched the photo from me. She made fun of me .And i like a shy girl hid myself in the blanket.

The marriage  was to be held after a week .We didn't get any time ,everything was going so fast. And now i was going to marry the next day. All the arrangements were made by him . The function was a grand one.

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