Movie Night

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"Alright losers, time to shut up and sit down. We're gonna start the movie," Brandon shouted over the noise that everyone in the basement was making. I turned off the popcorn maker and dumped the fresh popcorn into the huge bowl that was on the counter with sodas and other snacks before hopping over the back of the couch to sit with Jay.

"Can I hold you during the scary parts, Kingston? I don't want to be lonely and we're the only ones without girls," Cam joked with a pouty lip that made me laugh. I shot a glance to Brenda who had just walked out of the hallway and was putting her crazy curls up into a high bun.

"It's your own fault you're single, Cam. I wouldn't date someone whose room looked like such a pigsty," Brenda accused, taking her seat next to Brandon and pulling the blanket over her legs. Cam stuck his tongue out to Brenda, her reciprocating the gesture immediately.

"Sorry we can't all be Mr. Neat Freak like good ol' Brando," Kingston laughed, moving from right in front of the tv where he had been setting up the movie to his spot on the couch between Brenda and Cam.

"Can we just watch the movie?" I groaned, throwing popcorn at Cam who was making faces at Brenda still.

"Nah, Evans and Ivy will be here soon," Jay told me, his eyes on the screen of his phone as he replied to Alex's text that they were on their way. Once he hit send he lifted his arm, so I could snuggle against him. Once I was comfortable he rested his hand on my waist, tracing circles with his thumb over my jumper. I watched the group around us and laughed at how playful my friends were when I felt Jay's hand squeeze my waist for attention.

"Hm?" I hummed, turning to look up at him.

"Wanna take a picture while we wait?" He rubbed his nose against mine, planting a small peck to the corner of my mouth.

"Yeah." My grin grew until my cheeks hurt but I didn't care. Jay held his phone out, making sure we were both in the shot before taking multiple pictures. We did silly faces and smiled and there were a few that surely turned out blurry due to Jay tickling my side during a shot. I was so busy squirming, trying to escape his hand on my hip that I didn't know Alex and Ivy had shown up until they walked into the living room.

"Guys! Get a room!" Alex shouted.

"Ah shut up, Evans. You're no better with Ivy," Jay teased, one of his eyebrows up in a challenge as I breathed heavily on the couch next to him. I looked up at Jay and felt my heart flutter at the sharp definition of his jaw and his piercing gaze. Some of his hair had fallen over his forehead, nearly covering his eyes.

"Whatever, man," Alex laughed, pulling Ivy closer to him as he headed towards the table of snacks behind the couch. Jay turned, looking down at me, and immediately smiled, dimples on full view.

"Ya okay down there, pet?" He asked, biting down on his bottom lip to stop from laughing at my barely serious 'angry face' and crossed arms.

"You attacked me," I pointed out.

"I was just having a bit of fun. I'm sorry. Forgive me?" I narrowed my eyes at him jokingly. "I'll let you look at the pictures I took?" I quickly smiled and sat up, snuggling into Jay again. I felt his hand snake up my hip to my waist and quickly laced my fingers with his, so he couldn't tickle me again.

"Caught me again," he quietly mumbled into my hair before placing a quick kiss and unlocking his phone opening the camera app. We laughed and swiped through the photos before everyone was finally ready for Kingston to start the movie.

"Alright losers, for real we need to be quiet now. Cameron, that means you." Cameron put his hand over his heart in mock offense at Brandon's accusation.

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