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Chapter Eighteen

Both Sian and Arabella watched the entire show, stayed for sophie, stayed for zach and of course roadtrip. They left heading back to their hotel, not bothering with waiting outside like the other fans. Arabella wasn't entirely sure if she wanted to see Mikey. There was apart of her that did, but also a huge part that didn't. Sian wasn't bothered either way, she hardly knew the roadtrip boys or Sophie, she had spoken to Zach here and there but not much for her to desperately want too meet him, so not meeting any of them didn't bother the girls at all.

"You wanna just order in room service and watch reruns of friends?" Arabella asked getting under the duvet beside Sian.

"I was thinking we could go to nando's or something?? I mean we're in a new city we should explore a bit" Sian said, scrolling through instagram on her phone.

"Yeah, let's do that!! Let me go fix my hair" Arabella laughed getting up and heading into the bathroom.

As Arabella was fixing her hair and redoing her makeup, Sian was sat scrolling through instagram looking at all the pictures from the gig that day.

"Okay I must admit, Andy is gorgeous" She spoke a little louder than normal so Arabella could hear.

Arabella popped her head out from the bathroom a smirk plastering her face.

"Yes! I ship this!"

Sian laughed rolling her eyes.

"You done??"

"It'll be a 40 minute wait" The woman behind the desk told the two girls.

"Do you wanna wait?" Sian asked in hopes Arabella would say yes. She was really wanting this nando's.

"Yeah sure" She replied shrugging.

The girls smiled at the lady behind the desk as she marked down their name for a table in the next hour. The girls took a seat in the waiting area, scrolling through their phones hoping time would go by faster.

"Arabella?" The girls heard a female voice say.

"No way it's you!!"

Arabella looked up from her phone, Sophie stood in front of her a huge smile on her face.

"Soph oh my god hi!!" She said standing up as the younger girl pulled her into a hug.

"Soph, this is Sian. Sian this is Soph" Arabella said introducing the two girls.

"Are you here alone?" Arabella asked once realising that if Sophie was here, so must Mikey.

"No, the boys are at the table. Oh my god Mikey would love to meet you!" Sophie squealed, grabbing Brooklyn's attention.

"Is that Arabella?" Brooklyn asked everyone at the table.

Mikey turned in his seat, to see Arabella stood not far from him. She gave him a little wave as they made their way over.

"Hi" Was the only thing he said, pulling her into a hug.

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