The Princess and the Pea Brian

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Malia's outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malia's P

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Malia's outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Malia's P.O.V

I was walking with my siblings and Jessie we just came back form the magic show

"That magic show was amazing!" Zuri said as i shrugged

"Meh it was okay after having Real magic kinda kills the joy but i did loved the part when the magician pulled money out of Jessies nose" i said smiling as Jessie sneezed and a coins came out

"Hey I'm one head cold away from getting those boots i wanted " Jessie said as i smiled

"So far i fail too see the magic in these maguc rings" Ravi said i smirked a little

"Here Ravi let me help you with that" i said stooped as Tony came out and i went and

"Jessie Rosslings check out my new dolly i can carry luggage schlep garbage i can ride it watch me catch air whoo hoo" Tony said as i smiled at him

"Oh X games here you come " Luke said as i rolled my eyes at him

"Hey Jessie i was wondering if you... Want to have an apple " Tony asked as i rolled my eyes really Tony really

"Thanks Tony i will enjoy this linty goodness" Jessie said as a guy road in on his bike i held Zuri hand and we looked at each other

"Awesome Bike!" Luke said as Emma smiled

"Awesome roses!" Emma yelled as the guy took off his helment

"Awsome Face did i. Say that out Loud?" Jessie asked as we nodded

"Well hello my names Brody winton and you are?" Brody askee as Emma walked up

"Totally available!" Emma yelled happily i walked up cutting in between them

"Oh no she isn't" i yelled Tony and Jessie are suppose to be dating

"Is so every Saturday night she veges out in front of the T.V in a ratty old longhorns sweatshirt. Covered in food stains" Emma said

"Which you guy's spilled on me kids I'm Jessie and i happen to look awesome in that sweatshirt" Jessie said

"I'm sure you do allow me Jessie " Brody said opeing the door me and Zuri pulled Tony aside

"He's stealing your woman and your job " Zuri yelled

"Do something!" We both yelled as He open the door but hit Jessie in the face as we walked in the building

"Hello guy's? I will try for the magic word help!" Ravi yelled oh right i forgot i chained him on the pole

Them song:
Oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh
Hey, Jessie!
Hey, Jessie
It feels like a party everyday
Hey, Jessie!
Hey, Jessie
But they
keep on pulling me every which way
Hey, Jessie!
Hey, Jessie
My whole world is changing, turning around
They got me going crazy
Yeah, their shakin' the ground
But they took a chance in the new girl in town
And I don't want to let them down, down, down

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