A Night Out Dancing (part 2) (MattEdd) (smut)

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Here's your smut! 

Edd's Pov

"Here." The Uber driver in the front seat called.

Matt and I were busy making out, but we heard him. Still being as close to each other as possible, we made it out of the mini van.

"5 st-?" I slammed the door behind me, entangled in Matt's embrace. Fumbling with my keys, since I'm actually quite drunk. Opening the door, I stumbled inside. Matt came in not soon after me and I returned to lips once again. 

*bed room door slam*

Our lips are locked. My arms are wrapped around the cuties neck. Matt sat down on my bed, gently caressing my upper body. I remained standing, taking off his green over coat that he must of been sweating in by now. Along with his purple hoodie. 

He had a fair build for a sweet, innocent guy like him. The sweat that dripped down his body shined, making him look more muscular than he actually is. Making me harder. I'm all for a cute guy, but you know.

I transitioned to his neck. Sloppy kissing all over. Moving down kiss chest, leaving soft kisses and nibbles on his pale skin. Earning faint, pleasurable sounds from Matt.

Making it to the rim of his pants, I unbuckled his belt, undid his jeans and slid them off. Along with his boxer shorts. 

Without warning, I began to kitty lick his tip, taking it in slow. Mmmms came from the cute man above me. He entangled his fingers into my hair.

I swirled my tongue around the barrel of his member. Sucking, beginning to bob my head. Matt began to breath heavily through his mouth. Unable to take all the pleasure, moans escaped his mouth. Mine too.

Feeling him gripping the roots of my hair, he released into my mouth. I took in all of him. Every drop. 

Matt clasped onto the bed. Once I was finished, I pulled up his boxer shorts for him. I took off my clothes, too, leaving the same apparel on. Climbing onto my bed, cuddling up to his side, I noticed he was already fast asleep. 

Damn, he looks like the most precious kitten like this. 

I smiled at his cuteness, pulling over the green covers. Leaving a peck on his cheek once more. Then wrapping my arm around his waist.

"I win."

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