Chapter 62

It was as if it was happening all over again.

Like deja vu, it felt the same as before, the same as the night of the accident she had had with Harry. She felt the same pounding in her head and feeling of her body having shattered into a million pieces. She felt like a living dummy.

She slowly lifted her heavy eyelids – frightened to see her surroundings and hoping it was calmer than her last visit to the hospital. She cringed at the sight of the IV that was pinned into her left hand. Bruises surrounded the area where the needle had been pushed in. The last thing she remembered was falling to the floor, in Niall's arms.

 Whilst glancing around the hospital room, she noticed two guys running towards the door – it was Zayn and Harry. Then that was it. Her eyelids closed and the room went back to being black.

 Her mind went blank, and her body was numb. What was going on with her?

Not once in LA had she felt so sick. This sharp feeling in her stomach.... what was going on? 

Moments later, it was as if her brain switched back on, finally allowing her to move. Her mind was awake, and her body soon reacted to her as well.

  Rachel slowly moved her fingers and slid them along the smooth bed sheets. She took a deep breath, pulling in the strong, distinct smell of hospitals. The smell brought back too many awful memories. She had spent more time in hospitals than a teenager should have to.

 From the accident, to Niall’s broken arm, to Harry’s short coma, and worst of all, to the time when Zayn was on the verge of death from the fire. 

 "Rachel? Rachel can you hear me?" Someone's voice called down to her.

 The familiar, adorable irish accent meant it was Niall. 

Rachel slowly opened her eyes again, squinting from the bright light shining down on her from the window. Niall was standing above her. 

He moved closer and quietly whispered. "Hey, how are you feeling now?" 

 Rachel smiled. After waking up for the second time, she actually didn’t feel so bad. Her headache had vanished and she no longer felt as though the room was spinning.

 "I'm feeling great now, thanks. I don't even know what happened. I pretty much blanked out when I collapsed!" 

 Niall nodded. "Yeah, you had us all worried there for a sec Rach." Niall's smile suddenly faded, he looked serious.

 The look in Niall's eyes wasn’t the same – it wasn’t like the look she was used to seeing. This, amongst other things, was odd. Was that look disguising something? Was there something Niall was keeping from Rachel?

She could see it.... something was wrong. 

Just then, Harry rushed over beside Rachel's bed and took her hand. "Oh Rach, thank god you're okay. You had us worried sick." He kissed the top of her hand lightly. 

"That's sweet, but I'm fine now Harry." He nodded and covered her hand with both of his.

 Judging by both Niall and Harry.... they didn't seem all too worried. Niall had a whole different expression going on, one that Rachel couldn’t quite pinpoint. 

But since they weren't too upset, it meant that they either hadn't discovered what was wrong with Rachel yet, or there really wasn't anything wrong.

 "What happened to me though, Harry?"

Niall backed away and gestured for Harry to be closer to Rachel. He had a small frown on his face as well.

 It was bothering Rachel so badly, but she couldn't just come out of nowhere and ask Niall what was wrong with him. Especially since Harry didn’t seem to have caught onto Niall’s weirdness like Rachel had.

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