Chapter 5

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When morning came I traded place with Jinki and it was my turn to drive. Once the house came into view I stopped the car and woke everyone up before knocking on the door. ''Coming !'' was heard from behind the door before mom opened smiling. ''Jonghyun baby ! What are you doing here ? Shouldn't you be at school ?'' ''Mom....I need your help...'' I said feeling the tears come. ''Come in ! Get in the livingroom ! I'll gather everyone !'' We went in the livingroom and settled on the couch and floor before mom came back with my older brother Minseok, my older sister Sodam, my little brother Seokjin and our father. ''Jonghyun mom said you need our help ! What happened ?'' ''My mate leaved ! We....we don't know if he choosed to or was forced to ! Please...I need him !'' I said softly as tears leaved my eyes to roll on my cheeks. God what kind of Alpha am I ? I put my elbow on my thighs and hung my head low as I intertwined my fingers. ''You find your mate ?'' exclaimed Sodam surprised. ''Yes...Lee Taemin...he's an Omega...I don't know his specie tho...'' I said my voice shaking under the emotion I feel. ''Is it unusual ? Does any of you have an idea as to why he left ?'' asked father. ''He sais that someone was always looking for him and that why his mother left the town !'' said Jongin ''Do you know anything else ?'' asked my older brother ''I know everything but where he went !'' At that my head snapped toward Jongin and I looked at him. ''Tell me !'' i commanded the demon ''It's not my secret Jonghyun ! It's not mine to tell !'' my shoulders dropped in disapointement and sadness. ''Is he in danger ?'' asked Sodam ''Yes !'' as Kai said that the tension in the room rised. ''Did you brough anything to help us track him ?'' asked Seokjin ''Yes here !'' and Kyungsoo gave them one of Taemin's shirt. ''I'll gather the pack ! We'll help you as much as we can !'' ''Thank you dad !'' ''Anything for my family !'' ''Come on you must be hungry !'' Mom pushed us to the kitchen and made something to eat.

''Kibum you don't look good ! When was the last time you feed ?'' asked Jin ''Two weeks ago...'' ''What ? But you told me you feed from Jinki yesterday !'' said Minho ''And he told me he feed from you yesterday !'' said Jinki and both of them looked at their mate. ''It's ok !'' Sodam grabbed a bloodpack from the fidge and gave it to Kibum. ''How dumb are you Kibum ! We don't need you weak !'' ''Shut up Jjong ! At least I didn't lost my mate !'' ''I didn't lost him !'' ''You have no idea where he is that what i call lost !'' We argued a bit more before father came in. ''We'll start the research Tomorrow !'' ''Thank you dad !'' We calmed down and all sat in the livingroom. ''Are you sure he's your mate ?'' asked my mom ''I can swell his scent and he can smell mine...'' ''What does he smell like ?'' ''Apple and cinnamon..'' ''Are you two together ?'' asked Sodam ''No...he confessed but I dind't got the chance to answer...'' ''Ow.....I'm sorry for you...don't worry we'll find him !'' said Minseok ''I hope..'' That night I couldn't sleep.

POV Taemin

The car ride was long and tiring and after a whole day and night driving we finally arrived at an old house in the woods. ''We're here ! Finally !'' I got off and stretched my legs. ''Do you think I can free my wings ?'' ''Only inside the house ! We still have to be careful'' answered Wonshik ''Ok !'' I went inside and took the silk off. ''Finally ! Gosh it's so good !'' My wings fluttered. I took off my lenses and makeup. ''How are you feeling ?'' ''Crushed and broken but good at the same time !'' ''It will only grew worse because your body will miss him soon and you'll feel sick ! It will be even worse when you'll have your heat because you won't be able to mate !'' ''Thank you i'm feeling better !'' i said rolling my eyes ''Let's hope you'll be back before it..'' I settled in one of the bedrooms. I then layed on my bed. Jonghyun....Are you worried ? I really hope not.

A month passed by and we changed 5 times of hiding place. We're curently staying in a modern house in the forest. My bedroom have a balcony where I spend many hours reading and thinking. Recently I started to lose apetite adn night terror started again. Soon my body started to ache. I was in my bed sleeping when a noise woke me up. ''What...'' I rubbed my eyes to see someone at the foot of my bed. ''Wonshik ?''

POV Jonghyun

After a long month where my heart ached a lot and insomnia took me we finally found a track to follow. I'm on my bike with Jinki behind me, Minho and Kibum are on a quad while the other are in cars. It lead us into the forest up north of the town. Once in the forest we parked and ran. ''It's him ! I can smell him !'' I ran faster to see a big house. ''He's there !'' ''Everyone get ready to fight !'' said father so I half transformed and entered the house following his sweet scent to a bedroom upstairs to find...Nothing. ''Nooo !! FUCK !'' I punched the wall making a hole in it. Kibum came in. ''It's empty...Wait ! That smell ! It's !'' ''Blood !'' ended Minho. ''Blood ? No ! No !'' I started to panic and anger filled me. ''I swear to god that if I find a scratch on him I'll kill them !!'' we heard a whine and I went to see only to find a man on the floor. I grabbed him by his neck. ''Who are you ? Where is Taemin !?!'' ''Jonghyun stop ! It's Leo ! He's Wonshik's mate ! He's a friend of Taemin !'' said Jongin so I dropped him. ''What happened ?'' asked D.O ''They took them both...''was said in a whisper ''Where ?'' ''I don't know...We'll have to wait my sleep to know...'' once again a whisper. ''Why ?'' I asked. ''Wonshik is a Moonchild...a god of the moon...he can talk to me in my dreams so we have to wait and pray...'' ''I can try and cast a tracking spell !'' suggested Kyungsoo ''Go ahead !'' said Kibum. Kyungsoo lifted his hands and the black tattoos glowed a bright white. ''Go downstair with Leo so he can explain to the others !'' I nooded and we went down leaving D.O to work his magic.

Leo explained quickly to my father what happened. ''Wait ! You're Jung ? Jung Ta-'' ''Shut up Kim !'' said Leo finally letting us hear his voice. ''Wow ! First you calm down boy ! Who do you think you are ?'' said an agitated Minho ''I'm older than you kid so shut your mouth !'' ''I'm one of the first creation of god so do as I say and apologies to Kibum !'' ''I would prefer to die !'' ''It can be done !'' said the phoenix walking closer to the boy. ''Minho stop !'' I said sternly. ''Don't tell me what to do Jonghyun !'' he said looking me in the eyes as he grabbed Leo my his neck. ''Minho I said Stop !'' my eyes glowed white and he released the black haired boy. ''I should kill him !'' ''Minho !'' said Jinki in a threatening tone. ''He disrepecter Kibum !'' ''He always had !'' finally spoked Kibum ''What ? You knnow each other ?'' asked his Beta. ''Yes ! Our clans are rival ! We grew up hating each other !'' ''You'll have to work together because Taemin and Wonshik are friends and are missing ! We have to save them so grow up would you !'' I said annoyed. They looked at each other and my father came to me and smiled to me. ''You would be a great Alpha and Pack leader you know !'' ''Thanks dad but...It wouldn't be fair to Jinki...he is older and he is wiser so if I want to be the pack leader I would have to leave them and that something I can't do. We're a pack even if we're not really ! You know what I mean right ?'' ''Yes I know ! If you really want to be a pack the only thing you have to do is pledge allegiance to Jinki !'' ''We can't do it without Taemin...'' ''You can ! You can always add Taemin after ! Just know that if you form a pack for real you'll have new power ! All of the members will !'' ''Thanks dad !''

After a few hours we went upstairs to see how is D.O doing. ''Kyungsoo ?'' I asked but no one answered. No one was there ! ''Oh god !'' said Kibum. ''They took him ?!'' exclaimed Sodam ''Oh dear they are in trouble !'' said Minho quoting Harry Potter. Kai growled from deep within his chest, his eyes became pitch black, black red horns grew on his head as well as hoovs, a tail and claws, his ears turned pointy and fangs appeared. ''Jongin you have to calm down ! You can kill them when we'll find them ! Let's look for the guys !'' said Minho his hands on Jongin's shoulders calming him. Kai became human again before he screamed ''How ? How are we going to find them ?! We don't even know who took them !!'' ''We'll know a bit more after my sleep.'' said Leo again. ''Then go to sleep ! What are you waiting for ?!!'' screamed Jongin. Leo showed everyone the rooms and went to his. I layed in Taemin's bed and took a deep breath, his scent filling my nose. Let's wait now.

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