Chapter 4

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I did give Jonghyun a chance and we clicked pretty well, actually we became good friends and...I think I fell in love with him...We were good until today. We were sitting in the cafeteria the four of us, talking about how I was going to confess to Jjong after class when he came with this beautiful blond girl Taeyeon. They were so close and no stop smiling at each other and laughing it made me sick. Sick, betrayed, angry, disapointed and mainly broken. I left the table without a word and without eating before running to the dance practice room. I plugged my phone and danced angrily. I skipped class and continued to dance before collapsing to my knees and crying all the water in me. ''Hey there are you ok ?'' asked a tanned, black haired boy ''No...'' ''I'm Jongin, Kim Jongin but you can call me Kai ! And this is my boyfriend Kyungsoo !'' ''Taemin...'' ''Come on ! Calm down and tell us what made you so upset !'' ''Well there is this guy Jonghyun who I smell the scent and he can smell mine so were mate right ? I fell in love with him and today I was going to confess when he brough this Taeyeon girl to our table for lunch and they were all smile and rainbow to each other so I leaved and all this shit hurt me so much !'' ''Jonghyun ? As in Kim Jonghyun ?'' '' know him ?'' ''Well i'm Minho's cousin so yes I know him ! You can stay with us if you want !'' ''Thank you Jongin...'' We stayed in the dance room and talked. We immediatly became bestfriend.

2 month passed and I told Jongin about my secret. He promised to protect me and I promised not to hide my true self with him. It was harder for me to keep my distance with Jonghyun when I still talk to Minho, Jinki and Kibum. It was harder for me to eat, sleep or even to stop crying. I lost a bit of weight and I think it shows because Jongin and Kibum are constantly worried about my health. Mom is worried and sad to see me like that and try to confort me the best she can. When I went home today she was packing her stuff. ''Mom ? Are we leaving ?'' ''No ! I am !'' ''What ? Why ? Don't leave me !'' ''They found us ! They know we're in this state so it's only a matter of time before They get here ! So in order to protect you and for them to lose our track I'm leaving ! You'll have to stay at the dormitory. I asked for you to room with Kai !'' ''So I have to pack ?'' ''Yes ! Take everything !'' I ran to my room and packed everything I have. Mom helped me to bring all my boxes to school and hugged me thightly. ''I love you Taemin....I love more than anything...please be careful my baby...I couldn't forgive me if something happen to you....My baby....My little boy...Look at you ! You're so handsome and smart ! Your father would have been so proud of you ! I'm proud of you for putting up with all of this ! You're so strong and brave ! Take care of yourself ok my baby ?'' I started to cry softly hearing her say all these things. I looked at her and she was crying as well. ''Mom...Please be careful too ! Don't put yourself in danger ! Take care of you too ! I don't know what i would do if you were to leave me too ! You're everything I have ! I wouldn't survive if you were to join dad ! Please come back safe mom ! I love you !'' I kissed her cheek and she kissed my forehead before leaving.

Jongin helped me carry the box to our room and we unpacked. ''So...Why is she leaving ?'' ''Because if she don't I'll be in danger...'' ''Don't worry I'll protect you !'' ''Thank you but I don't think you'll be able to...If They come you'll be the first one They'll kill...Let's eat and go to sleep.'' We went to eat and D.O joined us. ''I heard you took my bed !'' said Kyungsoo jokingly ''Sorry ! I can always go to Kibum if you two need....a moment !'' ''Don't worry ok ?'' We ate talking before spliting to go to bed. This went on for 5 month and I had no answer or news from my mom. Jonghyun started to try and talk to me but I just avoided him. Kibum and the guys are more and more worried for my health, Dark bag under my eyes and all the weight I lost added to everything. All throughout the day Kai helped me avoid the man I love until after diner. He grabbed my arm and pinned me to the wall encasing me with his arms beside my head. ''Taemin what are you doing ? Why are you doing this to yourself ? Did i do something to upset you ? Why are you avoiding me ?'' he asked looking me in the eyes. Anger, sadness, confusion were readable in his. ''Do you really want to know...'' ''Yes ! Tell me !'' ''Why can't you leave me alone ? Why don't you go back to Taeyeon ? Why do you have to be so handsome, so sexy, so cute, so gentlemanly, so smart, so funny, so kind and so sweet ?!! Why do you have to worry about me ?! I want you ! I need you ! I hate that I love you ! I love you so much it hurts ! I love you to death !!'' I escaped his arms and ran to my room. ''Where were you ?'' asked Kai. ''Cornered in a wall by Jonghyun....I confessed...'' ''Are you ok ?'' ''No....'' We went to bed but since I couldn't sleep I stayed on the couch when Wonshik called me. ''Tae ! They just entered the town ! Pack a bag i'm coming to get you !'' ''What ?! Oh god ! Ok see you !'' I hanged up and quickly packed a bag before putting on my shoes and leaving the school. He was there with a tall, lanky black haired boy with fair skin and a cold expression on his face. ''Get in Minnie !'' said Wonshik throwing my bag in the trunk and I got in. ''Minnie this is Leo my mate !'' Nice to meet you !'' He didn't answered and only nooded to acknowledge my greeting. Wonshik started the car and drove away from the school and ultimately from the town.

That it...Once again i'm leaving...

POV Jonghyun :

Taemin just left me in the corridor after his declaration. I'm quiet shocked. He love me too ? He love me like I love him....but...why did he brough Taeyeon up ? Is he jealous ? I went slowly to my room, took a shower and went to bed. I slept peacefully until 3 AM. I felt my heart crushing, unable to breath, fear creeping through me. Apple and cinnamon disapearing from the school air. I got up and ran to Kai's room banging on the door. ''What ? Do you know what time it is ?!''said a angry Jongin ''Taemin ! Where did he go ?'' I asked a bit paniced, a pang in my chest. ''To bed why ?'' ''I know he's not !'' Jongin looked at me confused ''What ?'' he went to the room and saw that I was right. ''He leaved ! He took a bag full of clothe !'' ''Shit ! We need to find him !'' ''Why ? Maybe he just went to see Wonshik !'' ''Who's Wonshik ?'' ''His bestfriend ! Why do you care ?'' ''Because I love him !'' ''But you act all lovey dovey with Taeyeon !'' ''She's my cousin !'' ''Ow....Get Minho and the guys I'll get D.O !'' We splited and I entered Kibum's room without knocking catching them going at it. ''Guys !'' ''God Jonghyun can't you see we're busy !'' groaned an annoyed Jinki ''Babe please !'' whined Minho from between Kibum and Jinki. ''Guys it's Taemin ! He leaved !'' ''What ?'' asked a shocked Kibum. ''He leaved without telling anyone ! Not even Jongin !'' ''Oh god ! I'm sorry love but we'll have to finish later !'' ''It's ok ! Let's get ready !'' said Minho in a small voice. They both leaved Minho's inside and got dressed. Once done we joined Kai in his room. ''Didn't he told you anything ?'' Asked Kibum ''Except that he confessed to you ? Nothing !'' he answered pointing at me. ''He confessed ?'' asked Minho chocked ''Yes but he didn't left me time to answer...'' ''Can you turn into your wolf form ?'' ''I don't see why i couldn't ! Let's find him !'' We got out of the building, once out they get in Jinki's van and I turned into my full wolf form. ''We're counting on you Jonghyun !''.

I sniffed the air and it had a faint smell of Taemin. I ran after it for an hour before it started to rain. I stopped as it covered his scent. ''No ! No no no no no !!'' The car stopped and Minho rolled down his window before looking at me. ''What's wrong ?'' I shifted back. ''I lost him ! The rain...It's covering his scent..'' ''Get in !'' I climbed in and sat between Kai and Kyungsoo. ''What do we do now ?'' asked D.O. ''Let's go to my home ! My father will help us !'' I said and Jinki drove toward my parents house all night long. Taemin wait for us ! We'll bring you back ! Just wait for me !

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