Chapter 3

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''If you're not the one who brough me my bag then who did it ?'' ''I don't know ! You'll have to ask at school !'' ''I will ! I'm going to shower then to bed ! Good night mom !'' I took my time slowly walking upstairs to my room. I sat my bags in a corner and took off my clothes before entering the bathroom. I turned the water on letting it warm up before removing my makeup and lenses. I got inside and let the water hit me warming me. I though about today, How needy I was, Howw worried the guys were, How good Jonghyun smell, How he tried to keep me to himself. He tried to kill Minho for me. God that kind of hot ! As I was thinking about sweaty Jonghyun I.....kind hard ? Since I'm alone it would do no harm so I touched myself thinking about Jonghyun's body and voice. Once done I realized what I did. Oh my god what did I just mastubated to the though of one of my friends ?!! What am I doing ?!!! Why can't I get him out of my head ? Is it because he's an Alpha ? I got into my pj's and layed in my bed. I closed my eyes and my heart dropped, I felt like someone was crushing it. A bad feeling, something i didn't had for the past 4 months. I took my phone and texted Kibum.

'Are you guys alright ?' 'Jonghyun is in a fight T2U L8R !' What ? Jonghyun ? In a fight ? I called Kibum. ''Answer me Kim Kibum !'' I growled waiting for him to pick up. 'Tae I told you-' ''Is he ok ? Is he wounded ? Why is he fighting ? Do you need help ?'' 'He got punched so a black eye, broken nose and bruise here and there but he's a Werewolf so he's fine !' ''Why did he fought ?'' 'For you ! Some boys at the dorm were talking about....doing things to angered Jjong so he nearly killed them !' ''Is he calmer now ?'' 'Yes don't worry ! How did you knew something was going on ?' ''Bad feeling !'' 'Are you feeling better ?' ''Yes I think !'' 'Goodnight Tae !' ''Wait ! Do you remember who brough my bag yesterday ?'' 'No ! The bag was on the floor in front of your locker ! Why ?' ''Just to know ! Goodnight Kibum ! See you tomorrow !'' I put the cover on me and didn't sleep much thinking of who did it ? Next morning I got up and quickly got ready. ''Mom no one know who left my bag at school !'' ''Be careful !'' ''Promise !'' I went to school and joined Kibum. ''Where are the guys ?'' ''They start later ! Don't worry Jonghyun is fine !'' ''What makes you think I was worried ?'' ''We think you might me be mate !'' ''What ?'' ''Come the lesson is about to start !'' We went in biology. ''Today we will talk about the scent !'' ''The scent ?'' i asked ''Well every mate or mated people have a specific scent that only their mate can smell ! Kibum tell us about your mates !'' ''Well Minho smell like black orchid and sweat while Jinki smell like rain and warm coffee !'' ''Did any of you have experienced it ?'' I lifted my hand ''Tell us Taemin ! What did you smelled ?'' ''It was firewood and citronella ! I was told that I smell like apple and cinnamon !'' ''Then you found your mate !'' ''Wha- Really ? Are you sure ?!'' ''Totally !'' ''But I only met him 2 days ago !'' ''It doesn't matter ! I'm pretty sure it started your heat as well !'' ''Yes but-'' ''Then that your mate !'' I looked at Kibum who smiled at me softly. Jonghyun ? My mate ? I can't believe it ! If he's really my mate that would explain his behavior. Can we really be mate ? What if he don't like me ? What if he bound someone else ? ''Sir ! What if my mate don't like me and bound someone else ?'' ''You'll either be heartbroken or depending of species you can die !'' I gasped in horror as well as some girls. ''What are you Taemin ?'' ''I'm sorry I can't tell ! For my safety !'' ''It's ok !''

After class there was lunch but I couldn't eat a thing. ''Taemin are you ok ?'' asked Minho ''Just not hungry don't worry..'' ''The biology teacher confirmed our hypothesis ! They are mate ! You know the scent thing !'' said Kibum ''He's scared that Jonghyun bound someone else ! He scared to be heartbroken or to die !'' he added ''Oh god that horrible !'' ended Minho ''Maybe I should keep my distance with him..'' I whispered thinking out loud ''What ? No ! It's gonna be ok !'' said Jinki ''What if I fall in love but not him ?'' ''Don't worry ok ?'' Jonghyun joined us and I acted as if I was ok. We talked, laughed and joked while eating but worry never left me. ''Taemin do you want to join us tonight ?'' asked the handsome werewolf ''What are you doing ?'' ''You know urbex ! The old library downtown !'' ''Isn't that illegal ?'' ''That why it's fun !'' answered Minho ''Ok! I'm in !'' After school i texted my mom that I was going out with friends tonight and we went to eat burgers. After that we waited for the night to be dark before going to the library. ''How do we get in ?'' I asked ''We break a window and get in !'' said casualy Kibum. Jonghyun got closer and punched the window breaking it before going in. Jinki helped Kibum in before going in followed by Minho. I watched them and struggled to climb in before a hand pulled me inside making me stumble a bit and I crashed into a firm warm chest. ''Thank you !'' ''You're welcome !'' I looked up to see his beautiful black orbs and I felt like he was everything...everything and nothing at the same time. My hands unconsciously stayed on his torso and I felt his heart beating way more calmly than mine. He smiled and let go of me to join the guys leaving me disapointed. Why am I disapointed ? We're nothing ! Just....friends. I joined them and we walked through the building. We took some pics and laughed like maniacs before going home. ''Hello baby ! How was your day ?'' ''Hm...Full ?'' ''Is something bothering you ?'' ''Yes actually...'' We sat on the couch ''Tell me sweety !'' ''Well I learned about the scent today and...the teacher said that...If our mate bounded someone else we could be heartbroken or depending od the species.....die....'' There was a pause before i started to talk again. ''Mom.....tell me mom....would I die ?'' A heavy silence took place in the room and I was scared... ''Taemin....Unfortunately....yes.... Fairies only fall in love once and can die of loneliness and sadness.'' ''So...If my mate don't love me back I'll die...'' ''Yes..'' ''Fuck !'' ''Why are you asking ?'' ''Jonghyun is one of Kibum's friend and I....can smell his scent and he can smell mine...I only know him for 2 days...and I'm scared...'' Oh baby....Come here !'' She hugged me and I could tell that she was just as scared as I am. ''You should go to sleep...'' ''Yeah....Goodnight mom...'' After I got ready to sleep I texted Wonshik. 'Man...Can we see each other soon ? I need you...' 'Of course Minnie ! What about tomorrow ? I can come around 11 PM is that good for you ?' 'Yes thank you !' 'Anything for you Tae !' 'Goodnight ! Greet Leo for me !' 'Goodnight Tae ! I will !'

The next day went by fast and I did nothing beside watching TV in bed before Wonshik came. ''Hey Tae ! What's happening for you to need me so soon ?'' ''My mate...I fond him..'' ''That great Minnie !'' ''No...Not at all...I know him for 3 days and if he don't love me back I'll die...I'm so scared because I'm already falling for him...'' ''Ow....That...That sucks...what will you do ?'' ''Distance myself from him so I won't fall completely in love with him and die !'' ''Bad idea Taemin ! Very bad idea !'' ''To me it's a pretty good idea !'' ''Tae...Don't say I didn't warned you !'' ''Promise ! Thank you for coming tonight...'' ''It's ok ! Come here !'' He hugged me until I fell asleep. Sunday was full of doing homework and thinking. Maybe I should try...Maybe I should give him a chance....It can't hurt can it ?

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