Chapter 2

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Wonshik stayed the night. We ate, laughed and joked all night long. When morning came i was exhausted and my head was pounding. I got ready : makeup, lenses, white printed sweater, light blue skinny jean, hair up in a ponytail, wings tied in my back and i was ready. I quickly ate breakfast. ''Have a nice day baby !'' ''Thanks mom !'' I went to school and joined Kibum. ''Hey ! Where are the guys ?'' ''They went to fetch our friend.'' ''Should we wait for them ?'' ''No let's go !'' We went to our sport class and I sat in the bleachers watching my class mate run. My nose was filled with the sweet scent of Firewood and Citronella making the pounding in my head harder. I hide my face in my hands hoping for the pain to fade. I couldn't hear anything beside the blood pumping in my ears, my vision blacked out and i could only smell this scent. Why ? Why am I feeling sick today ? I started to feel weak. ''Taemin are you ok ?'' asked Kibummie ''Yes don't worry I'm just tired !'' We walked to maths and I tried to focus on the lesson. After our classes Minho, Jinki and another guy were waiting for us. He's handsome...Deep black eyes, sharp jawline, cute nose, blond hair, short but muscular, deep voice and...he....he smell of Firewood and Citronella...

''Taemin this is Jonghyun our friend ! He's an Alpha and a Werewolf !'' ''Nice to meet you !'' I said weakly with a smile. ''Let's eat now !'' We sarted to walk and Jonghyun stayed behind with me. ''So it's you...the Fire and Citronella...'' ''And you're the one ! Apple and Cinnamon !'' Our eyes met and instantly I started to feel way too hot. ''Tae are you ok ?'' ''No...I...'' and I blacked out. When I woke up it was already dark outside and the guys were here. ''Tae are you feeling better ?'' asked the vampire ''I think....What happened ?'' ''You fainted so Jonghyun carried you here !'' ''How long was I out ?'' ''6 hours ! We called your mom but she didn't answered.'' said Jinki ''It's ok ! She's out of town anyway..'' ''The nurse said that you should sleep at the dormitory tonight ! Since Jinki, Kibum and I share the same room maybe you should sleep in Jonghyun's room.'' suggested Minho. ''Is it ok ?'' ''Yes don't worry ! I'll take care of you !'' ''I don't have any clean clothes...'' ''Yes you have !'' said Kibum showing me my lavender travel bag. I slightly opened the bag to see my makeup, lense lotion and case. ''Thank you...sorry for worrying you...'' ''It's ok ! Let's get you to eat and then to bed !'' They helped me to walkand we ate. Then Jonghyun carried me to his room. ''You can change in the bathroom and sleep in my bed I'll take the couch !'' ''Thank you !'' ''It's ok ! No need to thank me !'' I went to the bathroom where i took off my clothes and the silk tying my wings, changed into my pj's, washed off the makeup and took off the lenses. I carefully made sure he wasn't in the room before going to bed and turning off the light. ''Goodnight Taemin !'' ''Goodnight Jonghyun !''

When I woke up his scent was much stronger, I could hear my blood pumping inside me making my head hurt, I felt hot, way too hot but I got up and got ready. We ate breakfast and went to our classes. History, 2 hour PE with Jonghyun class and Music. I learned that Minho, Jinki and Jonghyun were in the same class.

I sat there looking at them playing basket. I watched the way the werewolf's muscles flexed and the way he looked all sweaty. Gosh he's gorgeous. Soon my body was burning me like if I was on fire, my stomach was cramped and it hurt like shit. I closed my eyes taking in a deep breath trying to calm down a bit. ''Taemin are you ok ?'' I opened my eyes and they fell in warm black orbs. ''J-Jonghyun...I...'' ''Taemin ?'' A wave of pain coursing through my body. ''Professor ! Taemin is sick !'' shouted Jonghyun. The teacher came and Joonghyun tried to leave but i grabbed his hand. ''Hyung...It hurt...'' ''What is he ?'' ''He never took the test ! We....'' Jonghyun couldn't finish his sentence and his black eyes turned silver. ''An omega....He....He's an Omega...'' whispered Kibum ''Taemin can you stand ?'' asked the teacher but I couldn't stop looking at the Werewolf. ''Taemin !'' I heard him call my name with his deep voice making whimper a bit. ''It hurt so much....'' A few tears escaped my eyes as something under my pants hardened. ''Is there an Omega here ?'' asked our professor but nobody moved. ''Oh god...Guys calm down ! I know how you feel but stay calm !'' ''Hyung am I going to die ?'' I asked Jinki crying. ''No you're just in heat...We have to get you to the nurse office...'' ''Are you mated ?'' the teacher asked Kibum ''Yes ! Jinki, Minho and I are together...'' ''Minho since you're a mated Beta I leave you to bring Taemin to the nurse ! Tell her it's his first heat ! Go before they lose control !'' Minho grabbed me gently in his arms but Jonghyun growled. ''Jonghyun keep your cool !'' said Jinki ''He's mine !'' he growled again. ''Baby he's turning !'' said a slightly paniced Kibum ''Minho go now ! We're taking care of Jjong !'' Minho ran to the infirmary.

''Mister Zhang ! My friend need help !'' ''What's wrong ?'' ''It's his first heat !'' ''Ok come with me !'' I was layed on a bed in a single room and they made me drink something. ''It hurt !'' ''What hurt ?'' ''Down !'' ''Minho you can go back to class I'll take care of him ! Come back after school ! Without Jonghyun !'' Minho leaved and the man smiled softly. ''My name is Zhang Yixing, I am an Omega too and a wizzard. Do you want it to go away ?'' ''Yes ! Make it stop !'' ''Ok ! Do you trust me ?'' ''Yes ! Just make it stop !'' ''Take off your pants and underwear !'' he said looking toward the door. I did as told and shivered. ''Grab yourself and pump it up and down ! Do it until something sticky spurr out !'' he went out and closed the door. I slowly started to do as told and a wave of pleasure overtook me. I moaned out loud and pumped faster. After a long time something warm and sticky dripped on my hand. ''Are you ok in there ?'' ''Yes...It....there is something strange on my hand...'' ''Use the tissues to wipe it !'' ''Done !'' I dressed again. ''You have 3 hours before the next wave ! You'll have to do this again twice or thrice ! Minho, Jinki and Kibum will come after school !'' ''Thank you !'' I fell asleep for a while before it started again and I felt something dripping between my thighs. ''Mister Zhang ! There is something strange !'' ''What are you ok ?'' ''There is something dripping from me !'' ''It's normal ! Don't worry about it ! Just do what you have to do !'' I pumped again until the sticky thing came out and cleaned. ''Here ! Eat a bit !'' He sat a burger and fries with Coke. I ate happily. ''Thank you ! Is it always like that ?'' ''No ! Just the first time ! After that you'll just have to either mate or take a pill and stay home ! One last wave and you should be good !'' ''Are you sure ?'' ''No since I don't know what you are I can't tell ! Let's hope it will be like everyone else !'' ''Thank you for your help !'' We were talking when another wave came and Yixing once again leaved. I instantly started to pump my cock and without realizing I slipped a finger in myself and god it felt good. I moaned louder and louder until I came in my hand. Once cleaned and dressed Yixing came in with the guys. ''How are you feeling ?'' asked Kibum ''Slightly better !'' ''Good ! We though you might want to shower so I lend you one of my pants and Jonghyun one of his sweater !'' ''How does he feel ?'' ''He's crazy ! He nearly killed me !'' screamed Minho ''Why ?'' ''Because he carried you away ! Honestly I never saw an Alpha act like this before !'' said Jinki ''Is that bad ?'' i asked ''I don't know...'' ''I think Taemin would need some biology lesson to understand the Rank, pregnancy, mating and everything so could you guys do it ?'' asked Yixing ''Of course !'' The guys then explained everything to me. I was quiet chocked to learn all of this. That night i went home still shaken from my first heat. ''Hello my baby ! How was your day ?'' ''I....had my first heat...'' ''Ho baby ! I'm sorry ! It must have been hard !'' ''Quite painfull but I'm ok.... I learned everything today....about rank and all that...'' ''It's ok baby ! Let's eat you need it !'' We sat in silence and ate. ''Anyway how was your trip ?'' ''Pretty good to be honest !'' ''Thank you for sending me my bag !'' ''What ?'' ''My bag ! With lense lotion, clothes and makeup !'' ''It wasn't me...'' ''What ?'' ''I'm not the one who send the bag to school !''

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