Chapter 28: All the Emotions

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Káno went to rest several hours after, insisting he could only play for so long before his fingers started hurting. He placed his harp on a stand in the corner of the room beside the fireplace and bid Eve and Nelyo both a good night. Eve nodded to him with a small smile, wrapped up beneath her dress and a soft white blanket she found nearby. Nelyo let his eyes linger on Eve’s face. Barely hidden grief and longing sat evident in her features. But as his brother walked by to head to his room, Nelyo nodded and sent him a smile.

Eve continued to stare into the fire from where she sat in her comfy chair. The flames danced and twirled, casting shadows around the room. It mesmerized her. Once Káno had left and several silent minutes passed, Nelyo spoke up.

“What has your mind so occupied?” He watched her carefully, not even a hint of a smirk on his face.

Eve flashed a small smile his way. “Everything.”

At that, Nelyo chuckled quietly. “Would you care to elaborate, Eve?”

“I've never been in love,” she whispered quietly, refusing to look at Nelyo. “And everything is so bizarre here. Half the time I just go with the flow because I've just got no idea of anything. I really do care for Finno, though, that much I know.”

Nelyo flashed her a small hint of a smile. He tilted his head and rolled his eyes lightly. “If I didn't know he cared for you in that way, I would not have made a fuss.”

A little smile grew on her face as she blushed. Finally she looked at Nelyo. “Sometimes it's like you really are my brother. He'd totally do the same.”

“Good.” He nodded in satisfaction. “Because as you are living with my parents, that does in fact make you my sister.”

Eve felt tears in her eyes. She nodded. Suddenly the tears spilled and she covered her face, burying herself in the white blanket. Nelyo had no idea what to do. He had not intended to make her cry.

“Nelyo!” As bare footsteps sounded behind them, Moryo looked at the redhead crossly. “What did you do?”

“Nothing!” Nelyo protested instantly, throwing his hands in the air. “I do not know!”

That caused Eve to laugh amidst her tears. She sniffled for a moment, wiping her eyes. When she faced the brothers, she found Nelyo staring at her and Moryo watching, arms folded. He wore loose black pants and a red shirt, clearly for sleeping.

“He's fine,” she managed to croak out. “I just. It's complicated. So many emotions.”

Moryo, turning from Eve, rolled his eyes at Nelyo. “All I wanted was food. And I come down to you making her cry!”

“It's just nice to know you think of me as a sister,” Eve mumbled out, hiding her face in embarrassment. She refused to look in the silence.

Moryo stood in confusion. “You cry because we say we care?”

Eve poked her eyes above the blanket so she could see them. “I mean… yeah…”

Moryo mumbled something about Eru and Varda and Manwë, and he turned away from them. “I do not understand either of you.”

But Nelyo smirked and stood up from the couch, joining Moryo as he retrieved some cookies and sat at their table. The dark haired brother looked at him suspiciously as he chewed.

“You said we,” Nelyo began quickly as Eve the blanket wrapped around herself, sat opposite Nelyo and beside Moryo at the head of the table.

With a roll of his eyes, Moryo glared darkly at Nelyo. “Well a sister is certainly better and more interesting than another brother. At least Ilúvatar granted us a maiden and not another terrible brother.”

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