Changlix fluff pt 2

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Jeongin POV

"JEONGIN, WE'RE GONNA KILL YOU" Changbin and Felix yelled down the corridor "Like hell you are" Chan said, calmly.

Minho POV
"Why are you two watching us?" Jeongin asked me and Jisung. "This is gold, " I whispered to Jisung. "I know right?" Jisung replied "You know we can hear you, right?" Jeongin asked They turned around only to see ourselves being watched by Changbin, Felix, Chan and Jeongin. "Oh, well this is awkward". "You don't say" Felix said, somewhat annoyed. "Aww, it just starting to get good" Jisung muttered in a rather pathetic tone. All of us glared at Jisung.

Jisung POV

I look up from muttering pathetically to see Changbin, Felix, Chan, Jeongin and Minho glaring at me. "What? Why are you all glaring at me? " "Jisung, you are an utter idiot" they stated. "Well that's not very nice."

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