Is this what you call a family?----Kellin Quinn Fan Fiction

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<>AN<> Haii there Jesus,female deers,unicorns,and humans.Umm this is a story with a title.The title is up there ^.This is about Kellin Quinn and his life and some romance.So Bye

Kellin's POV'

Hi my name is Kellin.I'm 11 years old.I don't have the best life.My parents always fight.I look a lot like my dad,but i have my mom's voice.I only have one friend.His name is Wolfe.Sweet name right.We're like brothers.We are the "emo" boys at school.We are teased.He deals with it.I don't.I cut.Only Wolfe knows.But everytime he sees me with a blade or any sharp objects he takes it away.He accepts me and I accept him.He's bi.But you wouldn't know unless he told you.But it's 7:00 AM .So I have to get ready for school.I throw on Black Skinnies and a black Slipknot shirt.I throw on some eyeliner then straighten my shoulder length black hair.I put on a black hoodie and wallk out the door.I meet Wolfe at his house.



"You ready for another crappy day"


"Blade Check"

He pats my pockets,hoodie,and the inside of my shoes.

"Okay.You're clean today.I'm proud of you."


We start to enter the building when Josh,the school bully, walks up to us.

"Hey fags"

"What do you want" I swear to god Wolfe is the bravest kid ever.

"Oh nothin just figure we would have some fun" Fun in his case is a beating.

We start to walk away when he grabs me by my hoodie and punches me square in the nose.I'm pretty sure it's broken.I kick him where the sun dosen't shine.He curls into a ball on the floor.

"You'll pay for this you emo fag!"

"Sure we will"

The fuck is Wolfe thinking?

We start our boring day at school.

*7 hours later*

"Hey Wolfe"


"Hey fags"

"Oh My fucking God!What does he want?"I muttered under my breath

He comes up and kicks Wolfe so hard ,he falls to the ground and hits his head pretty hard.I start to see blood stain his hair.



The ambulance gets here in about 5 minutes.I can't go so I run after the ambulance to the hospital.

"What room is Wolfe Chadler in?"


"Thank you"

I run to Room 103.I see Wolfe hooked up to a lot of wires and a heart machine.He has gauze wrapped around his head.

Wolfe,please don't leave me.I can't live without you.If you died I would commit suicide.I would'nt have anyone to check for blades in the morning or anyone to defend me from Josh.Please don't leave-" I was cut off by his heart moniter/machine thingy making a really long beep sound.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!IT CANT HAPPEN!HE CANT DIE!"I yell at the top of my lungs.Doctors and nurses rushed and did the shock thingy

"clear" *shock* "clear" *shock*.Nothing happened

"Time of death 4:07"One of the doctors say.

I fall to my knees and cry.I can't live life without Wolfe.But I can't cut because I know Wolfe is watching from heaven and I know he wont want me to do that.Wolfe's dad picked me up and put me in his car and drove me home.I walk inside and go to my room.Get prepared for a bad life,Kellin,a bad life.