A Day At The Beach

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Ok so I wasn’t gonna update for awhile but my new friend roxycooper wanted me to update so this should hold you guys over till the next time I update <3

                When we got to the beach, we decided to hang out on the boardwalk for a bit. “It’s been so long since I’ve been here.” I said looking around. “When was the last time you were here?” Andy asked me. “I think I was 5 and Becca and I were with her parents.” I said. “Oh yeah I remember that! Hey Stella remember when my dad bought us ice cream and he wasn’t paying any attention and he fell face first in the sundae?” Becca asked me cracking up. “Yeah that was hilarious and he had to end up buying us another one.” I giggled at the memory.  We walked around, went on some rides, played some games, even Ashley won me a stuffed panda bear.”For you milady.” Ashley said handing me the panda. “Aw you’re sweet. Thank you baby.” I said kissing his cheek. “Andy win me something!” Becca said giving Andy puppy eyes. “Ok ok fine.” Andy said walking over to a claw machine. He ended up winning Becca a stuffed lion. “Aw I love it! Thank you Andy!” Becca said hugging the lion. “Anything for you Becca.” Andy said smiling at him.  We bought a few things and decided to leave the boardwalk and walked down to the beach.

                When we got to the beach, we put our stuff down and Becca, Meagan and I stripped down to our bikinis. I had on a zebra printed one with pink strings on the top and pink material on the sides.  Becca had a purple one that was strapless and had cool designs all over the bottoms and Meagan had a plain white one with gold chains on the strings. “Looking good babe.” Ashley said getting up and putting me over his shoulder. “WHAT THE HELL?! ASHLEY PURDY YOU PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!” I said laughing and hitting his back. “NEVER!!” Ashley said running towards the water. “I SWEAR TO GOD ASHLEY IF YOU THROW ME IN THIS WATER I WILL KILL YOU!” I said pinching his ass. “OW WHAT THE FUCK?! THAT HURT!” Ashley said throwing me in the water.  “Ashley!!!  You asshole!!” I said pulling him into the water with me. “Sorry, I just wanted to see you wet.” Ashley said winking at me. “Fucking pervert.” I mumbled to myself. Ashley and I just played in the water like two little kids while the others watched. “Hey I wanna join!! Come on Meagan!” C.C. said pulling Meagan with him. “Ok ok Christian god it’s like you’re 5 or something.” Meagan said rolling her eyes and giggling. Becca, Andy, Jake and Jinxx followed and we were playing in the water having a good time. This was a perfect day at the beach, and the bonfire would be even better.

                It was getting cold so we all dried off and changed into warmer clothes and got ready for our bonfire. We decided to invite other people like the guys from Asking Alexandra, Avenged Sevenfold and Blood On The Dancefloor. I was a little starstruck because my three other favorite bands we’re there, but they we’re pretty nice guys. “So how long have you and Ashley have been dating?” Danny asked me. “A few months now actually. I guess he told you about me right?” I asked him. “Yeah he tells me everything.” Danny said smiling. “Guess he can’t keep his mouth shut.” I said shaking my head. Becca brought her ipod speakers and plugged in my ipod and put it on shuffle. All of a sudden, God Bless You came on and me and Becca started jumping and singing acting like dorks. “You guys are weirdoes.” Jinxx said shaking his head smiling. “Wow and you are JUST now realizing it?” I said giving him a weird look. He couldn’t help but laugh at our weirdness. After our little performance, I cuddled with Ashley as everybody got ready to make s’mores.  “Nom nom nom I love s’mores.” C.C. sang as he took a bite. “And I’m the weird one? I think C.C. is weirder than me.” I said laughing. “Well you do have a point there.” Jake said shrugging. I looked around the bonfire and I saw the looks on everybody’s faces. Everybody was drinking, eating s’mores and having a good time. This was my life now and I felt like the happiest girl in the world. “Hey Ashley can we go for a walk real quick just to have some one on one time?” I asked him. “Yeah sure let’s go.” Ashley said getting up and grabbing my hand. “Hey where are you lovebirds going?” Ben asked us. “We’re going for a walk be back.” I said. “A walk? Sure ok then.” Dahvie said giggling. Ashley flipped him off and we started walking. “It’s really nice out here.” I said looking around. “Yeah it’s gorgeous out here, but not as gorgeous as you.” Ashley said smiling at me.