Day 1: Bathing Together (Mithross)

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Warning: I suck at writing smut. Hopefully I'll get better as I write this book. I'm just letting you all know that you can request ships for certain days, but if I don't want to do that ship then I won't. Don't get mad at me if I don't want to do your ship because I don't want to. This was requested by Canada_lover934. Btw Max is the uke in this. Don't like? Don't read.
Later Author's Note: Sorry about me being upset. Having a real bad day.
Btw this is my first time writing smut.
Everyone: *sighs* And I thought I was finally going to be able to read a good smut book.
Me: To bad! >:) I'll still try tho.

Max's POV

I'm sitting in the tub of the bathroom. I decided to take a bath to start my relaxing day. I have the day off of work. (This is before Skymedia disbanded and before Max and Ross left the offices) So does Ross. I close my eyes and listen to the silence.

Ross's POV

I wake up to an empty bed. I open my eyes to see Max isn't next to me. Weird. I usually wake up before him. I sit up on the bed and grab my glasses from my nightstand. I slowly get off the bed and stand on the cold marble floor.

I rub my eyes to adjust my eyes to the brightness of the room when I turn the lamp on. I head to the bathroom door and I hear water running. Me being me, I go inside the bathroom quietly. I see Max sitting in the tub with his eyes closed. He's probably relaxing himself since we have the day off.

An idea comes to my head and I start to strip. I make sure to be extra quiet so Max doesn't hear me. Once I'm completely nude, I get in the tub and sit behind Max. He seems to hear me entering the tub and I swiftly wrap my arms around his waist.

((Author Update: I'm no longer upset/mad. Sorry for being rude at the beginning of the chapter. I'm gonna add some nice humor and references to make it up to you guys!))

"R-Ross?! What are you d-doing?" Max asks, his facd redder than a tomato. I chuckle at his expression and kiss his cheek.

"What? Am I not allowed to bathe with my lovely boyfriend?" I ask him with my oh so smexy voice.

"Well, I mean, you can. It's just you've never done this before...." Max answers. "Not like it matters. We've already had sex before."

"A lot of times," I correct him.

Max just scoffs and rolls his eyes, "whatever ya dick."

"I mean my dick can definitely go for a round this morning," I flirt.

Max pushes me away from him while blushing bright red. "Shut up you perv!!" He shouts at me.

I hug Max tightly so he couldn't push me away and started to kiss him. Him being awesome, kissed me back passionately. I slip my tongue out and press it against his lips, begging for entrance. Him, not being awesome, declines me by keeping his mouth closed tightly.

Fortunately, my arms are around him so I just grab his dick which makes his yelp. I swiftly put my tongue in his mouth. My tongue starts battling with his tongue for dominance. I, of course, won. My tongue explored his mouth for probably the 100th time.

We pull away for air. He is panting so I take it as a chance to continue. I tilt my head down so my lips are touching his neck and start to lightly bite it. Max starts squirming, trying to break free my grasp. Alas, he fails and I continue to leave hickeys on his neck. I look upwards while still biting his neck, to see that he's biting his bottom lip trying to contain his sounds of pleasure.

Of course, I won't allow that so I decide to move farther down. I lean him slightly backwards so I have easier access to his chest. I bring my lips to his right nipple and start sucking on it. My right hand goes up and plays with his left nipple. Now, Max is making noise. He's panting and moaning in pleasure. I think he learned a valuable lesson today. Don't test Ross.

Max is still squirming in my grasp, but instead of trying to escape. He's squirming out of pleasure. I take my lips and hand away from his chest. Max is now just panting and gasping for breath.

"Ch-Cheater.." He manages to say after a few seconds.

"How am I being a cheater? I'm just pleasuring you," I respond with a smirk on my face. It's always nice to see Max so helpless.

"Just fuck me you fucking perv," he whines.

"Hm.... Nah," I tell him.

"Ross, I swear if you don't put your fucking dick in me right fucking now, I'm leaving," Max threatens.

As much as I want to tease Max, I also really don't want him to leave. I pout and sneakily take my left hand to the outside of his entrance. I push in one finger into his entrance and Max groans.

"I said dick not finger, you idiot," Max groans in annoyance.

"Well I need to prep you. Gosh you're so impatient," I tell him.

"We've had sex a million times. I'm pretty sure I can take your dick," Max says impatiently.

"Fine you impatient cutie," I say and take my finger out of him. I position my dick at his entrance and push in.

Max groans in pleasure when my dick is fully in him. I start thrusting in him and groan in pleasure. No matter how many times we do this he always feels amazing.

I lean Max so he's on the wall. I start thrusting harder into him, now that I have an easier entry. Max grabs me and claws my back while making loud noises of pleasure.

"I-Im Close!" Max shouts. I start thrusting harder and faster. After a minute Max comes and screams my name. He tightens around me and I come into him.

I pull out of him, panting. "Well, that w-was fun..." I say while panting still.

Max nods while panting and gasping for air. "C-Can I finish... my bath now...?" He asks.

"Sure!" I says and get out of the tub. I grab a towel and leave the bathroom.

"I love you," I tell him before closing the door. I hear a muffled "I love you too" when the door shuts.

Hope you all enjoyed. This was my first tile writing smut so sorry for how bad it is. This took me 4 days to write. I could've sworn it was a week. XD. Also hapyhappiness how dare you reveal my secret in your book. I had to escape the FBI because of you!

Crystal Out!

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