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Darkness bore into the gallows of the night. Children were usher into their homes by concerned loved ones. No one wanted to know what it was like to disappear into the night if caught.

He brought terror and fear into the hearts of mere peasants , he was cruel and sadistic. The prince shed no tear for no one because he simply didn't care.

Ever since he was told he's going to become the king after his father , his cold heart became colder. More sinister and deadlier. The beast as people secretly called him couldn't be tamed.

Today was the day he was going to visit the city in search of a slave. A female. Someone to do terrible things to and legend has it that peasant black women were favoured to bring good fortune to the throne. With the order of the palace , each grown woman around the age of 18 had to be present in line when the king arrived. They were to wear their finest dresses, wear perfumes and have their hair styled in a way that wasn't 'disgusting' according to them.

If one refused , the soldiers would simply kill her then her family as a warning. This has happened countless times because countless times the king was disappointed and got rid of his 'toy'. The soldiers got a thrill of women being raped and slaughtered in front of their husbands , children crying as they watched their mothers die. I vowed to never let that happen to me or my best friend Suha.

She was shaking and cursing at the same time. "Oh god, Brianna how can someone more evil than the devil exist. The bastard needs to be murdered and I would happily wipe that smug smile off his face". She said whilst combing her hair forcibly. I slowly rose from my chair and grabbed the comb of her hand gently " I would happily beat him up for you. But you have to understand we can't lose our posture because we could be killed. He is a powerful man who will not hesitate to hurt one of us. We will go to the right back and hide hoping he won't notice us". I said calmly even though, I thought I was gonna vomit from the excruciating knot that was building in my stomach. I had to be brave for her.

I slipped into my maroon frill dress and tied my hair into a neat ponytail. I've always hated wearing big dresses but being a Victorian era that was the fashion. Big dresses were heavy and they showed my cleavage openly. Suha on the other hand lived them because she enjoyed her boobs on display. She wore a dark green dress and tied her hair into a big braided bun. We both wore white dolly shoes and headed out into the street which was now packed.

We both took a deep breath and hugged each other hopping we get to spend another year together. Me and Suha have been best friends since we were both abandoned onto the streets. Me being older by two years took charge and scavenged and stole to survive. I was her big sister and she was my life. Without her I would be lonely. I trust her with my life and she feels the same way.

We both went to the crowd and tired to slip through when two shoulders grabbed us by our arms. "Where do you think your going missy", a short ginger alcohol breath man said. "I'm trying to line up sir" I said hoping my innocent attitude would fool these animals. As I stood patiently hoping they would let me and Suha go the other one; a tall muscly brunette haired spoke. " The rules changed and now the king wants to allocate the most attractive women in one row and the atrocious in another", he said menacingly . A chill went through me especially when I knew exactly which line I would be in.

Before I could protest they yanked me away from Suha, I thrashed and screamed her name whilst she was doing the same. To no avail I was lead away and the soldiers gave me a numbered card and told me to stand in my designated spot. I was right at the front, exposed whilst Suha was at the back crying silently. I looked back and saw her crying and gestured for her to be quiet.

As the women stood one by one with fear plaster on their faces , I showed another emotion. Anger and disgust. He was sure going to notice my presence and I hoped it would haunt him forever.

Out of nowhere the short ginger shoulder appeared out of nowhere. "Ladies, I am captive Shroll, I am going to tell you the procedure and any misbehaviour will be dealt with in a manner no one wants to witness. The king is looking for a new bride and someone to birth his future children of the throne. It's simple and easy. Stand where you are and if you get picked then you will be his bride. I will warn you again if you dare try anything I will have your head", he spoke in a malicious, cruel monotone voice. Not an ounce of remorse.

I instantly zoned out as he continued to speak nonsense. There was no way I was going to marry the bastard. A murder and a serial rapist. I was not going to sleep in the same bed as a sadistic evil being. As I continued to curse him in my head a dark silhouette appeared in-front of me.

As he finally finished two deathly dark horses came from the corner , behind the carriage there were two soldiers in white horses. I instantly knew it was him. He has arrived.

The hairs on my arms shot up instantly.

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