2. The Mess of Emotions

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"Why are they at a hospital? And why didn't they call us?"

My tone was alarming although I tried to steady my energy. Galen removed a small black box from his pocket, showing that there were five calls and seven messages from Conrad.

"He did call and message us, but we had switched off our communicators," Galen said plainly, focusing on the screen.

"We have to switch it off while we go on our rounds. Silence is a must."

"Let's not discuss this right now. We should go."

I nodded, tightening my grip around the bunch of keys in my hand. We left the house as quick as we could, though I locked the door cautiously, taking my time. I never got it right when I did it in haste.

"It's only a kilometre away, so we'll run," I said, earning a stoic and attentive nod from Galen. Gentle, evening sunlight fell on the short buildings around me, but my vision blurred and the road ahead was all I could see, my mind was filled with concern for my friends. Although Galen and I came home from the opposite direction, I was surprised I couldn't sense the presence of the demonic creatures as it was only a short distance away; my mental ability enabled me to recognise auras from a good distance.

I felt my energy course aggressively as I came to a stop, reaching the hospital in time. A slender arm shot up in the air, waving her tanned hand frantically.

"Evelyn!" I cried in a loud whisper, pulling Galen's hand as we silently approached the four standing in a line. I could make out the silhouettes of fragile, bony figures in the three levels of the hospital, emitting a dark and bruised aura of green and blue. The walls of the hospital looked freshly painted, but the heavy colours made the entire building look centuries old, as if it were an exhausting illusion in the modern world of the city full of life.

Conrad was visibly mad, clenching his defined jaw, but he maintained a level head and focused on the matter at hand, a determined expression on his face. He glanced at Evelyn with a frustrated look, though Elek seemed to apologise with a smile on her behalf. Evelyn paid no attention to anyone other than the demonic creatures, and I instantly knew that her impulsive nature was the reason why all of us were present there.

Trina too stood in an attentive posture, not caring about the rest of ours' reactions. Her thin pony remained motionless in their spot, falling just beneath her shoulders. Her thin posture radiated calmness and she wore no expression, although she remained vigilant. Her green eyes met mine and she nodded her head towards Evelyn and Elek, confirming my thoughts. I sighed as I came to a stop, taking deep breaths. I maintained my composure as I attempted to reason the situation.

The energy of the creatures was suddenly amplified and they crept to the edges of my thoughts, blocking fragments of the world's sound. I closed my eyes, and the gentle sounds and positive auras of my memory gave me the strength to face the negativity.

"What are you doing?" I whispered to the two. A determined look was on Elek and Evelyn's faces, although the light in Elek's brown eyes faltered for a moment. He motioned his head towards the demonic creatures.

"There are a lot of demonic creatures here," Evelyn said plainly but in a hurried fashion. A moment of silence passed as I registered her words.

"That is exactly the point! A hospital is saturated with negative emotion, what were you thinking? How do you expect yourselves to take on so many demonic creatures? There must be at least a hundred here!"

"Precisely!" Evelyn interjected loudly, and Conrad put a finger to his lips, gesturing for her to quiet down so we wouldn't catch the attention of the demonic creatures. My eyes travelled towards their weakened bodies and I felt disheartened at the abominable look in their eyes. They paid no attention to us and I could sense their energy grow more 'sinister' and pained, darkness closing in on my vision. I shifted my concentration, looking for the aura of the humans. What once would've been more coruscating was now thick with negativity, grief, anger, negligence and an abundance of such emotions. Hospitals did help humans but they did not come without distress. With each passing second, as the demons intensified their negativity, the humane emotions pressurised my mind and I couldn't help but pull away from the darkness.

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