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1 month later  Friday night

Ethan ! Don't leave me alone I can't do it without you !" I shouted then Ethan jumped off the cliff .

I woke up

"Ethan !" I shouted it was another nightmare.

I've had  a lot of nightmares ever since Ethan left me that note  .I've cried more  ever since he left . That girl he was with is his new girlfriend I guess he moved on pretty quickly. I'm still not over him it's too hard .

I got up and got ready to go to the bar I can't go back to sleep . What do I have to lose . I just want to go and have a couple drinks to try to forget this . It's killing me inside not being able to work it out cause it's not going to  anyway .
What's the point we both tried to make it work and it just failed every time . It's pointless.

I get to the bar and ask the bartender for Hennessy  even though I'm under age . This place doesn't give a fuck if you're 5 years old they will sell you alcohol. I bought at least 5 cups of it .  I was half drunk I could still drive home if I wanted to .

I'm now fully drunk I don't even know what I'm doing at this point . I grab my phone and decided to call Ethan.

"Ring !"



Come on pick up .

"Sorry But the person you're trying to reach is not available . Please leave a message after the beep ."


I left a voice mail and then left the bar and got home .

Ethan's POV

I was cooking for my best friend . Today is  just a special day . I just felt like pampering her . My phone rang it's probably Grayson so I let it ring . I finished cooking and eating enjoying the night with my girl . I was so tired I went to my room to call Grayson back . My eyes grew wide in shock of the person I wouldn't expect to call me .

It was Mary ............

She left a voice mail as soon as I heard her voice and the state she was in my eyes watered up .

"I was really hoping that we could hang out because I - I -I miss you a lot !  And uhm..." She  was crying.

"I'm sorry that I'm crying right now *sniffles * but I'm drunk and uhm.. *loud sobs * I miss you ......... so much ! *loud sobs *" she was torn and broken . I started to cry. My hands were shaking.

I broke her I thought to my self I broke her inside.

I grabbed my keys and started driving over to her house . And what a great moment for it to rain just great . I hurried to her house . I quickly got off of my car And luckily the door was open . I slowly walked into her room only to see her crying sitting beside the window watching the rain as it poured down . I knew rain and thunderstorms were her favorite. They were my favorite too it is just relaxing .

"It's very relaxing isn't it ." I said talking about the rain .

"Yes it reminds me of my mother whenever she sat by me on a day like this and asked me about how I was doing . Kind of like when we laid together on the bed and just listened to it in silence." She said sniffling.

"You don't love me anymore do you ?"she asks me .

"Who said that princess. " I said and saw her get pink .

" just a guess since you're dating that pretty girl from school ."she said which  caught me off guard .

"Oh she's nothing she's just a friend ." I said clearing things up .

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